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  1. Photo of Jesús Franco

    Jesús Franco Director, Screenplay Music

  2. Photo of José Antonio Arévalo

    José Antonio Arévalo Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gonzalo Cañas

    Gonzalo Cañas Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jules Verne

    Jules Verne Screenplay

  5. Photo of Arturo Marcos

    Arturo Marcos Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Robert de Nesle

    Robert de Nesle Producer

  7. Photo of Bruno Nicolai

    Bruno Nicolai Music

  8. Photo of René Sylviano

    René Sylviano Music

  9. Photo of Daniel White

    Daniel White Music

  10. Photo of Paul Souvestre

    Paul Souvestre Cinematography

  11. Photo of Roberto Fandiño

    Roberto Fandiño Editing

  12. Photo of José Manuel Marcos

    José Manuel Marcos Cast

  13. Photo of Edmund Purdom

    Edmund Purdom Cast

  14. Photo of Marc Cassot

    Marc Cassot Cast

  15. Photo of Doris Thomas

    Doris Thomas Cast

  16. Photo of Howard Vernon

    Howard Vernon Cast

  17. Photo of Armand Mestral

    Armand Mestral Cast

  18. Photo of William Berger

    William Berger Cast