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  1. Rodrigo's rating of the film Fight Club

    A gem from the 1990's - that could not been made a decade later. What would this movie be if set in the world of social media? The rings, fight clubs and the movement - a bunch of trolls or extremists, maybe? The "critical arguments" never made sense (blowing up a building would never erase people's debts). These are the guys that would later cohort their angst into new platforms. Great 90's feel and music.

  2. Valentina D'Annunzio's rating of the film Fight Club

    Just watched it again after 7 years... What I remember of 7 years ago was that I didn't like it and I thought it was famous only for the body of Brad Bitt. Now I just watched it again and I think it was: Boring, Ugly, Disgusting, Stupid, with Annoying Childish Style. It was a 1.5 stars for a while, but very few moments made it be a 2 stars. Not half more, for me. The acting of Norton was very good.

  3. Edward Morris's rating of the film Fight Club

    I would like to tell you about this movie. But I can't. And he can't either.

  4. Eyvind Venske's rating of the film Fight Club

    Why has this movie become a classic of 90's cinema? It is unique, that might also be the reason for its initial failure at the box offices. However, the unique content and aesthetics is also the prime reason for its success. Methodologically, the combination of past and present in the movie is innovative. Regarding content, the movie offers a distinct view on the crisis of late capitalism.

  5. Pok's rating of the film Fight Club

    It's a scathing critique on capitalism and at the same time a deconstruction of the preconceived notion of masculinity, featuring a generation of males without beliefs that are willing to take up any cause just to give some sort of meaning to their empty lives. It also takes a piss (literally) on everything that was (and still is) annoying of so-called modernity. Even if you know the reveal, it has a lot going on.

  6. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Fight Club

    Utilising some fantastic CGI, featuring a great soundtrack by The Dust Brothers and with a sharp, witty script this all comes together sublimely thanks to Fincher's assured direction. I could go on and on about this movie but will stop now before I have to edit myself back down to the word limit.

  7. Gian Luca Nagy Elian's rating of the film Fight Club

    I'm rating it 1 star, look how smart I am :P

  8. marise.mmartins's rating of the film Fight Club

    Great story , perfect casting and wonderful soundtrack . Definitely one of my favorites of all times !

  9. GK's rating of the film Fight Club

  10. osmarfirst's rating of the film Fight Club

    This is the kind of film that I got lots of expectations from and disappointed me. I see the system’s critic but something’s missing here, it feels as a superficial critic. I think it just doesn't work. I wouldn’t recommend this film.

  11. fgk1988's rating of the film Fight Club

    To me, Fight Club is the epitome of a film owned by its actors. I could not possibly imagine anyone else playing Tyler or Marla. Brad Pitt's best role. But it does raise some questions? Would Tyler Durden have invaded the Capitol on January 6th?

  12. Mephisto's rating of the film Fight Club

    With Fincher is always hit and miss

  13. Giovana's rating of the film Fight Club

  14. Ximena Cedillo Torres's rating of the film Fight Club

    Creo que parpadeé solo dos veces Alch wtf

  15. Lari's rating of the film Fight Club

    Top 10 most relatable Edward Norton performances of all time.

  16. Giovanni's rating of the film Fight Club

    Un film ricco di spunti anticapitalistici, che però sono a mio avviso in larga parte vanificati dalla pornografia della violenza di cui si fa sfoggio, dando l'idea che si possa combattere il sistema solo prendendosi a scazzottate. L'anarchia che vi si scorge tende così drammaticamente al fascismo e il dolore, fonte di rinascita, è inteso quasi squisitamente in termini fisici.

  17. terrycreagh7's rating of the film Fight Club

    I havent seen this in about six or seven years. Still works well. Very funny and a solid look at disenchantment with consumerism and examination of toxic masculinity.

  18. Nicolas's rating of the film Fight Club

    Film qui a divisé depuis sa sortie. Soit on aime, soit on aime le détester. La première fois qu’on le visionne nous voyons un excellent film. La seconde fois nous voyons un film culte.

  19. RS Núñez's rating of the film Fight Club

    If movies could smell, this one would smell like dirty underwear. Vulgar, nasty, raw, filthy, disgusting looking. Great cinematography nonetheless. The dialogue is still way too oddly specific for my taste. Very strong choices were taken. I think it's a bit too long. The twist is masterfully clever, it was there from the beginning.

  20. Pedro VFN's rating of the film Fight Club

    Still great 22 years later.

  21. na's rating of the film Fight Club

    a film for kids of the 90's. i mean, for people who are still kids and still in the nineties. rewatch before rating, dears

  22. ric.rezende's rating of the film Fight Club

  23. Renzo's rating of the film Fight Club

    If you watched this movie back then, you can see and feel the changes you embraced and the changes you haven't. If you are watching the first time, you are going to potentially and hopefully question your individualism and how society tries to forge you very often. So meet find your Tyler, talk to me and be open to question everything. I read the book and it's a fascinating additional lens, deeper than the movie.

  24. The Nebula's rating of the film Fight Club

    3.79 Best Movie about 90's - Society of Consumption and Wild-Capitalism. Brad's and Edward's best acting performances. Edward was also really good at American History X. Edit: After years maybe 21 , I watched this again in here. When I first watched the movie I really liked it, I was a teenager. I can see that know this movie can affect a teenager but in my ages; I see really harmful, explicit crime scenes.