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  1. Raoul's rating of the film Fight Club

    Fand ich super, als er in den 90ern im Kino lief. Lohnt sich leider nicht zweimal zu gucken, wenn man den doppelten Boden der Story kennt.

  2. Onbestendig's rating of the film Fight Club

  3. Tony's rating of the film Fight Club

    Excelente película, joya del fin de los 90’s.

  4. Macna's rating of the film Fight Club

    “You met me at a very strange time in my life.” Just tremendous. Fast paced, funny, witty, brutal, smart. A commentary on modern masculinity, on violence, cults of personality, consumer culture, our divided selves. The end is almost perfect, fading out as the Pixies play and the buildings tumble. Just tremendous.

  5. Pablo Tartaglia's rating of the film Fight Club

    Tan grossa la peli como la novela. Imperdible.

  6. Arthouse-Fan's rating of the film Fight Club

    Einer der besten Fincher Filme: unerwartet, ironisch, großartig!

  7. The Rosewalls's rating of the film Fight Club

    Seminal work. Really was a seismic mainstream movie. It's easy to forget just how powerful a release it was after all that's happened in the intervening years, but it was truly epic. I struggle to think of a modern day equivalent which could match it for originality and sustained unrelenting intensity.

  8. raggiodisole's rating of the film Fight Club

    Loses alot of it's subversive and shock value on second viewing 2 decdes later, but the storytelling stands up, and it's not the incel fantasy some imagine

  9. Mehmet's rating of the film Fight Club

    Dövüş Kulübü'nün ilk kuralı: Dövüş Kulübü hakkında konuşmuyorsunuz. Dövüş Kulübü'nün ikinci kuralı: Dövüş Kulübü hakkında konuşmuyorsunuz.  Dövüş Kulübü'nün üçüncü kuralı: Biri dur diye bağırırsa, kavga biter.  Dördüncü kural: kavga eden sadece iki kişi olacak.  Beşinci kural: Her seferinde bir dövüş, daha fazlası yok.  -Master Tyler Durden İlk kural gereği, bu filmi anlatmak bize düşmez. (。•́︿•̀。)

  10. Kevjo's rating of the film Fight Club

    Ich finde es schade, dass es den Film nur in englischer Sprache gibt. Wieso nicht in den anderen Sprachen? Ich denke er ist in mehreren Sprachen synchronisiert.

  11. Alfonso's rating of the film Fight Club

    Delirante consecuencia de lo que, en 1999, sólo estaba empezando. El rey de la comedia se desdoblaba con sus sueños de grandeza buscando la televisión. Los luchadores y la soñadora se envenenan para recuperar la sensación de verdad en un mundo simulado. La televisión ya no importa. Un filósofo cervecero de gimnasio capaz de hablar siempre acertadamente sale al paso en esta película y te enfrenta a tu suscripción. 7.

  12. Graham's rating of the film Fight Club

    This film reinforced what I thought of the world around me when I felt it crumbling around me. Nothing much has changed in 22 years.

  13. Ale Chuchuan's rating of the film Fight Club

    David Fincher foi um gênio em saber como dar um soco na cara de todos que estão apreciando sua obra, fazer um filme que tem um enredo inteligente, quase alucinógeno causa a mesma sintonia que o protagonista sente quando em sua esquizofrenia se sente forte e indomável. O filme é uma surra, uma obra aterroziante e Edward Norton e Brad Pitt estão esplendido. Um filme para ficar na história!!!!

  14. Gabriel Ribeiro Alfredo's rating of the film Fight Club

    I don't fall in the cliche of the guy that Idolize this film as much as any other dude around my age. Yes it has a great script and acting, but in the end of the day, there is a problem with it. The message gets clouded by the style and entertainment.

  15. Seçkin's rating of the film Fight Club

    Üzerinden yıllar, yıllar geçtikten sonra bile neden insanların o dönem bu filme hayran olduğu ortaya çıkıyor. İnsanların yaşadıkları her dönem kendi ve hayatını sorguladığı bir anda belki bu kadar sistemi derinlemesine sorgulamasa bile fantastik bir maceraya atılabiliyor. Tyler Durden galiba hepimizin içinde bir parça da olsa var.

  16. mehomehmedbasic's rating of the film Fight Club

    Un des films chocs de l'année 1999: totalement sombre, anarchiste et nihiliste, il ne fait aucune concession.edward norton et bradd pitt y sont juste exceptionnels.un film qui marque les esprits.

  17. Marina Martins dos Santos's rating of the film Fight Club

  18. Ronin's rating of the film Fight Club

    Retains its cynical punch - perhaps because our current world is even more surreally fucked-up than Fincher anticipated at the close of the last millennium.

  19. céyda's rating of the film Fight Club

    david fincher or tumble down the cliff? hell yeah tumble down the cliff.

  20. can's rating of the film Fight Club

    THIS IS NOT A RATING FOR THE FILM, I AM WRITING FOR MUBI ITSELF. Really MUBI, Fight Club? You have actually gone this far? Is this your understanding of curating art films, introducing us very good but overlooked films? When is Matrix coming?

  21. Vinícius Mendes's rating of the film Fight Club

    There was a spirit of leave society by informal and violent ways in these ends of 90’s, and this film is one of its aesthetic materialization. The same to Matrix, but here is worst, because there isn’t another world, a true world, in what people could find a salvation of a sad and chained-in-consumption life. So, what rest is violence, a different kind of violence, in what people meet themselves. In fact, a sad movie

  22. Igor de Campos's rating of the film Fight Club

    Fincher’s nihilistic satire of late capitalist society brews together emasculation anguish, consumerist frenzy and anarchist revolution in one big greasy stew of pop references. Perhaps a bit outdated in its critique of present-day male malaise, ‘Fight Club’ remains relevant, nevertheless, for its almost maniacal videocliptic rhythm, deadpan postmodern comedy and energetic performances from all cast.

  23. Emre Bilgin (χεβ)'s rating of the film Fight Club

    palahniuk's chef-d'œuvre as a critique of jamesonian late-capitalism

  24. Giulio Base's rating of the film Fight Club

    At my third viewing (after the one at the theatre when it came out and another on Dvd a few years ago) it is today (2021) the time that I liked it the least, but it cannot be denied that is a movie that marked an era.