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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Luther Ayers's rating of the film Fightville

    Very interesting how fighting has evolved in places other than the US, and even then how similar the paths are. Well shot and informative. Never really thought about this before, even living in the US. Eye-opening indeed. You clearly see the differences between boxing and MMA, as well as the evolution from traditional to MMA. The differences in location as well and how cultures view it.

  2. David R Williams's rating of the film Fightville

    Just did not hold my interest. MMA fighting, for me, lacks the style, skill and yes grace of boxing. Its some mutant hybrid of battle moves with its own brand of mean-spirited brutality. Shrug.

  3. John's rating of the film Fightville

    A riveting look into the little known world of the mixed martial arts industry and its fighters. Fightville did a great job giving the audience a peek at real fights and real fighters to truly understand what these athletes must go through on a daily basis to have a shot at reaching their dreams. It was also fun seeing Dustin Poirier starting out as an amateur in this film. Overall, good documentary.

  4. josh's rating of the film Fightville

    Fightville was a good film effectively expressing the struggle and hardships that potential up and coming fighters face. Epperlein and Tucker do well at showing authenticity through raw footage. This documentary is great for seeing the realistic parts of becoming a fighter than we usually don't take into account for.

  5. tori reeves's rating of the film Fightville

    Fightville is an interesting documentary that brings to light the turbulent lives of MMA fighters. As someone who knows little-to-nothing about the sport, it kept my attention and was informative.

  6. Em Kim's rating of the film Fightville

    Some brutal and entertaining footage of blood and sweat beyond and before the ring, as well as a more personal look into the lives of MMA fighters past their personas and performances. Fightville gives personalities and lives to the competitors who's audience may only see them for a few minutes during their lifetime. A look into their glorified primal world for those not directly involved in their inner circle.

  7. Saar's rating of the film Fightville

    Some nice aspects like the trainer. The promoter was nice but you can see this sport is as rigged as boxing. The two fighters were not very memorable and there was no real story here for me.

  8. Miguel_GFloyd's rating of the film Fightville

    In the spirit of documentaries and their formulaic nature, Fightville follows the struggles of MMA fighters and their journey to achieve greatness within the fighting sport. With an inconclusive and anticlimactic ending, Fightville’s saving grace is it’s entertaining aspects of seeing into the minds of these fighters through interviews and being able to see them dish out some amazing fighting techniques in the ring.

  9. Austin Hurt's rating of the film Fightville

    Fightville take an in depth look at struggling MMA fighters trying to making something of themselves. Fightville pulls off the impossible, from showing the rise and fall of real fighters. This documentary will sure keep you interested.

  10. Ashley Baker's rating of the film Fightville

    A fast-paced look into the violent and surprisingly tender aspects of the world of MMA. Focusing on both the fighting and promotional sides of the industry offers glimpses few get to see, showcasing the long road to Pay-Per-View. Additionally, the attention on two young fighters from Louisiana chasing their dreams of a pro contract show a softer side to these modern day gladiators. Overall, a riveting watch.

  11. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Fightville

    (2.5 stars) A pretty run-of-the-mill documentary about the amateur world of Mixed Martial Arts and the guys involved, both fighters and manager/promoters. It's a tough life and everyone involved is in it because of their pure passion for what they do. The doc is okay, but nothing overly groundbreaking... just good enough to warrant a viewing.