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  1. Photo of Richard T. Heffron

    Richard T. Heffron Director

  2. Photo of Bill Graham

    Bill Graham Self

  3. Photo of Ed Bogas

    Ed Bogas Self

  4. Photo of Grateful Dead

    Grateful Dead Self

  5. Photo of Jefferson Airplane

    Jefferson Airplane Self

  6. Photo of New Riders of the Purple Sage

    New Riders of the Purple Sage Self

  7. Photo of Quicksilver Messenger Service

    Quicksilver Messenger Service Self

  8. Photo of The Rowan Brothers

    The Rowan Brothers Self

  9. Photo of Carlos Santana

    Carlos Santana Self

  10. Photo of Boz Scaggs

    Boz Scaggs Self

  11. Photo of Mike Bloomfield

    Mike Bloomfield Self

  12. Photo of Alan Capps

    Alan Capps Cinematography

  13. Photo of Albert Kihn

    Albert Kihn Cinematography

  14. Photo of Paul Lohmann

    Paul Lohmann Cinematography

  15. Photo of Eric Saarinen

    Eric Saarinen Cinematography

  16. Photo of Bert Decker

    Bert Decker Producer

  17. Photo of Keeva Kristal

    Keeva Kristal Producer

  18. Photo of Claude Jarman Jr.

    Claude Jarman Jr. Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Richard Clarke

    Richard Clarke Editing

  20. Photo of Daniel Halas

    Daniel Halas Editing

  21. Photo of Charles Tetoni

    Charles Tetoni Editing

  22. Photo of Eli F. Bleich

    Eli F. Bleich Editing

  23. Photo of John Curl

    John Curl Sound

  24. Photo of Nigel Noble

    Nigel Noble Sound

  25. Photo of Robert Gravenor

    Robert Gravenor Sound