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  1. Photo of Jean-Luc Godard

    Jean-Luc Godard Director, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Walter Benjamin

    Walter Benjamin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jacques Derrida

    Jacques Derrida Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jean-Paul Curnier

    Jean-Paul Curnier Screenplay

  5. Photo of Roland Dubillard

    Roland Dubillard Screenplay

  6. Photo of Hannah Arendt

    Hannah Arendt Screenplay

  7. Photo of Otto von Bismarck

    Otto von Bismarck Screenplay

  8. Photo of Jean-Paul Sartre

    Jean-Paul Sartre Screenplay

  9. Photo of Léon Brunschwig

    Léon Brunschwig Screenplay

  10. Photo of Jean Giraudoux

    Jean Giraudoux Screenplay

  11. Photo of Jean Tardieu

    Jean Tardieu Screenplay

  12. Photo of Charles Péguy

    Charles Péguy Screenplay

  13. Photo of Louis Aragon

    Louis Aragon Screenplay

  14. Photo of Henri Bergson

    Henri Bergson Screenplay

  15. Photo of Georges Bernanos

    Georges Bernanos Screenplay

  16. Photo of Denis de Rougemont

    Denis de Rougemont Screenplay

  17. Photo of Christian Wolff

    Christian Wolff Screenplay

  18. Photo of Fernand Braudel

    Fernand Braudel Screenplay

  19. Photo of Claude Simon

    Claude Simon Screenplay

  20. Photo of Luigi Pirandello

    Luigi Pirandello Screenplay

  21. Photo of Paul Ricœur

    Paul Ricœur Screenplay

  22. Photo of Samuel Beckett

    Samuel Beckett Screenplay

  23. Photo of André Malraux

    André Malraux Screenplay

  24. Photo of Claude Levi-Strauss

    Claude Levi-Strauss Screenplay

  25. Photo of Joseph Conrad

    Joseph Conrad Screenplay

  26. Photo of William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare Screenplay

  27. Photo of Martin Heidegger

    Martin Heidegger Screenplay

  28. Photo of La Rochefoucauld

    La Rochefoucauld Screenplay

  29. Photo of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Screenplay

  30. Photo of Curzio Malaparte

    Curzio Malaparte Screenplay

  31. Photo of Jean Genet

    Jean Genet Screenplay

  32. Photo of Zoé Oldenbourg

    Zoé Oldenbourg Screenplay

  33. Photo of Patti Smith

    Patti Smith Cast

  34. Photo of Élisabeth Vitali

    Élisabeth Vitali Cast

  35. Photo of Christian Sinniger

    Christian Sinniger Cast

  36. Photo of Nadège Beausson-Diagne

    Nadège Beausson-Diagne Cast

  37. Photo of Alain Badiou

    Alain Badiou Cast

  38. Photo of Lenny Kaye

    Lenny Kaye Cast

  39. Photo of Catherine Tanvier

    Catherine Tanvier Cast

  40. Photo of Jean-Marc Stehlé

    Jean-Marc Stehlé Cast

  41. Photo of Eye Haidara

    Eye Haidara Cast

  42. Photo of Quentin Grosset

    Quentin Grosset Cast

  43. Photo of Olga Riazanova

    Olga Riazanova Cast

  44. Photo of Fabrice Aragno

    Fabrice Aragno Cinematography

  45. Photo of Paul Grivas

    Paul Grivas Cinematography

  46. Photo of Chet Baker

    Chet Baker Music

  47. Photo of Ludwig van Beethoven

    Ludwig van Beethoven Music

  48. Photo of Thierry Machuel

    Thierry Machuel Music

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