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  1. Photo of Naoto Kanda

    Naoto Kanda Director

  2. Photo of Tomihiko Okubo

    Tomihiko Okubo Director

  3. Photo of Rintaro

    Rintaro Director

  4. Photo of Satoru Akahori

    Satoru Akahori Screenplay

  5. Photo of Mayori Sekijima

    Mayori Sekijima Screenplay

  6. Photo of Tetsuo Daitoku

    Tetsuo Daitoku Producer

  7. Photo of Yojirou Shirakawa

    Yojirou Shirakawa Producer

  8. Photo of Yuji Takae

    Yuji Takae Producer

  9. Photo of Masahiko Satô

    Masahiko Satô Music

  10. Photo of Masanori Kimizuka

    Masanori Kimizuka Animation

  11. Photo of Kunihiko Sakurai

    Kunihiko Sakurai Animation

  12. Photo of Satoshi Tazaki

    Satoshi Tazaki Animation

  13. Photo of Shigeru Chiba

    Shigeru Chiba Cast

  14. Photo of Etsuko Kozakura

    Etsuko Kozakura Cast

  15. Photo of Rica Matsumoto

    Rica Matsumoto Cast

  16. Photo of Yūko Minaguchi

    Yūko Minaguchi Cast

  17. Photo of Wakana Yamazaki

    Wakana Yamazaki Cast