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  1. Photo of Don Chaffey

    Don Chaffey Director

  2. Photo of Bruce Bilson

    Bruce Bilson Director

  3. Photo of George Stanford Brown

    George Stanford Brown Director

  4. Photo of Philip Leacock

    Philip Leacock Director

  5. Photo of Cliff Bole

    Cliff Bole Director

  6. Photo of Bob Sweeney

    Bob Sweeney Director

  7. Photo of Allen Reisner

    Allen Reisner Director

  8. Photo of Jeffrey Hayden

    Jeffrey Hayden Director

  9. Photo of Kim Manners

    Kim Manners Director

  10. Photo of Sigmund Neufeld Jr.

    Sigmund Neufeld Jr. Director

  11. Photo of Barbara Peeters

    Barbara Peeters Director

  12. Photo of Charlie Picerni

    Charlie Picerni Director

  13. Photo of Alf Kjellin

    Alf Kjellin Director

  14. Photo of Gail Parent

    Gail Parent Screenplay

  15. Photo of Lloyd Shulman

    Lloyd Shulman Screenplay

  16. Photo of Jill Baer

    Jill Baer Screenplay

  17. Photo of Bruce Shelly

    Bruce Shelly Screenplay

  18. Photo of Richard Raskind

    Richard Raskind Screenplay

  19. Photo of Steven Greenberg

    Steven Greenberg Screenplay

  20. Photo of Sandra Kay Siegel

    Sandra Kay Siegel Screenplay

  21. Photo of Jerry Winnick

    Jerry Winnick Screenplay

  22. Photo of Anthony Franciosa

    Anthony Franciosa Cast

  23. Photo of Deborah Adair

    Deborah Adair Cast

  24. Photo of Anne Jeffreys

    Anne Jeffreys Cast

  25. Photo of Richard Kantor

    Richard Kantor Cast

  26. Photo of Burt Bacharach

    Burt Bacharach Music

  27. Photo of Carole Bayer Sager

    Carole Bayer Sager Music

  28. Photo of Elaine Rich

    Elaine Rich Producer

  29. Photo of Aaron Spelling

    Aaron Spelling Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Douglas S. Cramer

    Douglas S. Cramer Executive Producer

  31. Photo of E. Duke Vincent

    E. Duke Vincent Executive Producer