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  1. Photo of Nicola Piovani

    Nicola Piovani Music

  2. Photo of Claudio Bigagli

    Claudio Bigagli Cast

  3. Photo of Michael Vartan

    Michael Vartan Cast

  4. Photo of Galatea Ranzi

    Galatea Ranzi Cast

  5. Photo of Lino Capolicchio

    Lino Capolicchio Cast

  6. Photo of Athina Cenci

    Athina Cenci Cast

  7. Photo of Giovanni Guidelli

    Giovanni Guidelli Cast

  8. Photo of Norma Martelli

    Norma Martelli Cast

  9. Photo of Pier Paolo Capponi

    Pier Paolo Capponi Cast

  10. Photo of Chiara Caselli

    Chiara Caselli Cast

  11. Photo of Sandro Petraglia

    Sandro Petraglia Screenplay

  12. Photo of Paolo Taviani

    Paolo Taviani Screenplay and Director

  13. Photo of Vittorio Taviani

    Vittorio Taviani Screenplay and Director

  14. Photo of Giuseppe Lanci

    Giuseppe Lanci Cinematography

  15. Photo of Roberto Perpignani

    Roberto Perpignani Editing

  16. Photo of Jean-Claude Cecile

    Jean-Claude Cecile Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Jérôme Clément

    Jérôme Clément Producer

  18. Photo of Karl Spiehs

    Karl Spiehs Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Grazia Volpi

    Grazia Volpi Producer

  20. Photo of Luggi Waldleitner

    Luggi Waldleitner Executive Producer