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  1. Photo of Ralph Bakshi

    Ralph Bakshi Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of John W. Hyde

    John W. Hyde Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Richard R. St. Johns

    Richard R. St. Johns Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Frank Frazetta

    Frank Frazetta Producer, Screenplay Costume Design

  5. Photo of Roy Thomas

    Roy Thomas Screenplay

  6. Photo of Gerry Conway

    Gerry Conway Screenplay

  7. Photo of Francis Grumman

    Francis Grumman Cinematography

  8. Photo of Randy Norton

    Randy Norton Cast

  9. Photo of Cynthia Leake

    Cynthia Leake Cast

  10. Photo of Steve Sandor

    Steve Sandor Cast

  11. Photo of Sean Hannon

    Sean Hannon Cast

  12. Photo of Leo Gordon

    Leo Gordon Cast

  13. Photo of William Ostrander

    William Ostrander Cast

  14. Photo of Eileen O'Neill

    Eileen O'Neill Cast

  15. Photo of Elizabeth Lloyd Shaw

    Elizabeth Lloyd Shaw Cast

  16. Photo of Micky Morton

    Micky Morton Cast

  17. Photo of A. David Marshall

    A. David Marshall Editing

  18. Photo of William Kraft

    William Kraft Music

  19. Photo of Brenda Banks

    Brenda Banks Animation

  20. Photo of Carl Bell

    Carl Bell Animation

  21. Photo of Bryan Berry

    Bryan Berry Animation

  22. Photo of Lillian Evans

    Lillian Evans Animation

  23. Photo of Steve Gordon

    Steve Gordon Animation

  24. Photo of Mauro Maressa

    Mauro Maressa Animation

  25. Photo of Big Yank

    Big Yank Cast

  26. Photo of Susan Tyrrell

    Susan Tyrrell Cast