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  1. Photo of Carla Cattani

    Carla Cattani Screenplay

  2. Photo of Samuele Pucillo

    Samuele Pucillo Self

  3. Photo of Mattias Cucina

    Mattias Cucina Self

  4. Photo of Samuele Caruana

    Samuele Caruana Self

  5. Photo of Pietro Bartolo

    Pietro Bartolo Self

  6. Photo of Giuseppe Fragapane

    Giuseppe Fragapane Self

  7. Photo of Maria Signorello

    Maria Signorello Self

  8. Photo of Francesco Paterna

    Francesco Paterna Self

  9. Photo of Francesco Mannino

    Francesco Mannino Self

  10. Photo of Maria Costa

    Maria Costa Self

  11. Photo of Gianfranco Rosi

    Gianfranco Rosi Cinematography, Director, Producer Screenplay

  12. Photo of Roberto Cicutto

    Roberto Cicutto Producer

  13. Photo of Paolo Del Brocco

    Paolo Del Brocco Producer

  14. Photo of Camille Laemlé

    Camille Laemlé Producer

  15. Photo of Serge Lalou

    Serge Lalou Producer

  16. Photo of Donatella Palermo

    Donatella Palermo Producer

  17. Photo of Martine Saada

    Martine Saada Producer

  18. Photo of Jacopo Quadri

    Jacopo Quadri Editing

  19. Photo of Stefano Grosso

    Stefano Grosso Sound