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  1. Photo of Shin Misawa

    Shin Misawa Director

  2. Photo of Yôsuke Kuroda

    Yôsuke Kuroda Screenplay

  3. Photo of Takeshi Aono

    Takeshi Aono Cast

  4. Photo of Nobuyuki Hiyama

    Nobuyuki Hiyama Cast

  5. Photo of Akira Ishida

    Akira Ishida Cast

  6. Photo of Seizô Katô

    Seizô Katô Cast

  7. Photo of Yasuhiko Kawazu

    Yasuhiko Kawazu Cast

  8. Photo of Jûrôta Kosugi

    Jûrôta Kosugi Cast

  9. Photo of Takehito Koyasu

    Takehito Koyasu Cast

  10. Photo of Hikaru Midorikawa

    Hikaru Midorikawa Cast

  11. Photo of Hiroyuki Kôzu

    Hiroyuki Kôzu Music

  12. Photo of Masao Mochizuki

    Masao Mochizuki Producer

  13. Photo of Akihiro Kawasaki

    Akihiro Kawasaki Editing

  14. Photo of Toshihiko Kojima

    Toshihiko Kojima Editing

  15. Photo of Keiki Miyake

    Keiki Miyake Editing

  16. Photo of Hideaki Murai

    Hideaki Murai Editing

  17. Photo of Yumiko Nakaba

    Yumiko Nakaba Editing

  18. Photo of Yûji Moriyama

    Yûji Moriyama Animation

  19. Photo of Yasuhiro Ôshima

    Yasuhiro Ôshima Animation