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  1. Photo of Zackie Achmat

    Zackie Achmat Cast

  2. Photo of Edwin Cameron

    Edwin Cameron Cast

  3. Photo of Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton Cast

  4. Photo of Eric Goemaere

    Eric Goemaere Cast

  5. Photo of Yusuf Hamied

    Yusuf Hamied Cast

  6. Photo of Noerine Kaleeba

    Noerine Kaleeba Cast

  7. Photo of James P. Love

    James P. Love Cast

  8. Photo of Donald G. McNeil Jr.

    Donald G. McNeil Jr. Cast

  9. Photo of Peter Mugyenyi

    Peter Mugyenyi Cast

  10. Photo of Joseph Stiglitz

    Joseph Stiglitz Cast

  11. Photo of Desmond Tutu

    Desmond Tutu Cast

  12. Photo of Denis Broun

    Denis Broun Cast

  13. Photo of Linda-Gail Bekker

    Linda-Gail Bekker Cast

  14. Photo of Nomvuselelo Kalolo

    Nomvuselelo Kalolo Cast

  15. Photo of Lisa Kalolo

    Lisa Kalolo Cast

  16. Photo of Elvis Basudde Kyeyune

    Elvis Basudde Kyeyune Cast

  17. Photo of Noor Jehan Majid

    Noor Jehan Majid Cast

  18. Photo of Suniti Solomon

    Suniti Solomon Cast

  19. Photo of Khundrakpam Pradip Kumr Singh

    Khundrakpam Pradip Kumr Singh Cast

  20. Photo of Peter Rost

    Peter Rost Cast

  21. Photo of Indira Gandhi

    Indira Gandhi Cast

  22. Photo of Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela Cast

  23. Photo of Bernie Sanders

    Bernie Sanders Cast

  24. Photo of George W. Bush

    George W. Bush Cast

  25. Photo of Dylan Mohan Gray

    Dylan Mohan Gray Producer, Editing, Director Screenplay

  26. Photo of Christopher Hird

    Christopher Hird Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Ashutosh Phatak

    Ashutosh Phatak Music

  28. Photo of Jay Jay Odedra

    Jay Jay Odedra Cinematography

  29. Photo of Pascal Akesson

    Pascal Akesson Editing

  30. Photo of Chris Seward

    Chris Seward Editing

  31. Photo of Hugh Williams

    Hugh Williams Editing