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  1. Photo of Dante Lam

    Dante Lam Director

  2. Photo of Shinji Kimoto

    Shinji Kimoto Screenplay

  3. Photo of Masa Nakamura

    Masa Nakamura Screenplay

  4. Photo of Takashi Sasano

    Takashi Sasano Cast

  5. Photo of Ken'ichi Endô

    Ken'ichi Endô Cast

  6. Photo of Yusuke Hirayama

    Yusuke Hirayama Cast

  7. Photo of Yuriko Ishida

    Yuriko Ishida Cast

  8. Photo of Iwao Nozomu

    Iwao Nozomu Cast

  9. Photo of Masaya Kikawada

    Masaya Kikawada Cast

  10. Photo of Eugene Nomura

    Eugene Nomura Cast

  11. Photo of Hayato Ichihara

    Hayato Ichihara Cast

  12. Photo of Mitsuki Tanimura

    Mitsuki Tanimura Cast

  13. Photo of Michelle Ye

    Michelle Ye Cast

  14. Photo of Katsumi Yanagijima

    Katsumi Yanagijima Cinematography

  15. Photo of Hikaru Ishikawa

    Hikaru Ishikawa Music

  16. Photo of Yuji Toriyama

    Yuji Toriyama Music

  17. Photo of Haruki Kadokawa

    Haruki Kadokawa Producer

  18. Photo of Yasushi Shimamura

    Yasushi Shimamura Editing

  19. Photo of Kazuhiro Sawataishi

    Kazuhiro Sawataishi Costume Design