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  1. I.Camera's rating of the film Fireworks

    Fireworks is an action film aware of the consequences of its actions, reflecting on a grief and regret that is surely autobiographical. Physically and mentally scarred, Nishi's deeds seem somewhat sociopathic, but there is also a deep compassion for family and friends that is at odds with the dispassionate demeanor behind the sunglasses and Nishi's capacity for, and long history of, violence. A strange meditation.

  2. Catgrin's rating of the film Fireworks

    The tightrope walked between man’s cold brutality and gentle compassion is mirrored by shifting subplots and imagery. For me, this was a re-viewing one of the best edited films I’ve ever seen. No scene is wasted, and moments linger when you need them to do so. I also appreciate that the story is told non sequentially in order to show the impact events had on the main character.

  3. Nicole's rating of the film Fireworks

    KITANO is a god, and his wife in this film is adorable.

  4. Steve McGee's rating of the film Fireworks

    I'd forgotten how good this is. Might've been the first Takeshi movie I rented. Non-stop tragedy with comedic relief tossed in, often black humor. Musical score is perfect. Constant allegory, foreshadowing, it's got a lot of depth. Plot unfolds through out-of-sequence memories, then it moves through Nishi's solution to everyone's misery. Even the last sad moment maintained a gag running through it.

  5. olikim's rating of the film Fireworks

    music reminded me of naked island; restrained and therefore powerful...pleasure of violence

  6. juliana braka's rating of the film Fireworks

    this blew me away (yes, a pun). every decision made - from editing to script to score - is genius. if you wanna learn how to show & not tell, fireworks is your masterclass.

  7. Vigilantie101's rating of the film Fireworks

  8. mpho3's rating of the film Fireworks

    Like works by Jean Pierre Melville, this is cinematic perfection.

  9. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film Fireworks

    3-4. A firework: a mechanism with a timed fuse that triggers a violent explosion resulting on sublimely gorgeous color. That's pretty much the perfect description for the film and the main character. Vibrantly whimsical third act built on and juxtaposed with striking violence from a slow moving timer of a first act. Overall it's something like if Tarantino directed a Ghibli movie, but way less talky.

  10. Shehzad Nadeem's rating of the film Fireworks

  11. Pok's rating of the film Fireworks

    Nadie esperaría encontrar belleza en una cinta sobre yakuzas y un ex-policía cometiendo crímenes que además tiene brotes de violencia brutal y humor entrañable, pero cuando se revela el motivo del protagonista es imposible evitar que la tristeza subyacente nos envuelva. Y ese final nihilista es devastador. Eros y tanatos, vida y muerte, creación y destrucción, amor y odio. Es una obra maestra llena de dualidades.

  12.'s rating of the film Fireworks

    Not at all what I expected, based on my limited knowledge of Takeshi Kitano's career. The movie melds violence and melodrama to explore grief and guilt in an unusual way that ends up packing quite the emotional punch.

  13. J's rating of the film Fireworks

    Rating may change. I fell asleep watching this, but not because it was boring; I was tired.

  14. S. Riff's rating of the film Fireworks

    least favorite takeshi kitano film i've seen. but it's alright

  15. gzapata's rating of the film Fireworks

    I've seen this movie around six times; it's a Kitano masterpiece. I love the fact he apart from writing, directing, and editing this movie; he painted the illustrations you'll see in the film. Additionally, Hisaishi's score is gorgeous!

  16. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Fireworks

    The final seconds really get at what I love so much about this film, the way Takeshi Kitano cushions violence with these tender and deeply felt moments of harmony.

  17. cpov105's rating of the film Fireworks

    A great contrast between compassion and the result of violence. The film uses great abrupt edits to show how quickly a mood can change when playing with fire. However, some of the scenes are a little dragged out and the film does seem a little repetitive at times. Still worth a watch.

  18. Michael Rozek's rating of the film Fireworks

    The first Kitano I saw--and marvelous, for its unique structure and (partly as a result of that structure) remarkable depth of form and feeling. Its absence of dialogue, gorgeous and emotional score, use of Kitano's own startlingly adept artwork, his disciplined and moving performance--all, within his writer-director's one-of-a-kind vision--make this film...well, an absolute revelation.

  19. luís debonoir's rating of the film Fireworks

    The script is not the most polished, but what makes this film special is the melancholic ambience resulting from the editing, soundtrack and stoic character. I like how the relationship with his wife is presented in such a minimalistic way, this set of wordless situations of tenderness, where Nishi can actually feel something. The title is very well chosen and adds another value of meaning to explore by the viewer.

  20. Cosi's rating of the film Fireworks

  21. Jacob Sanders's rating of the film Fireworks

    I think a lack of familiarity with the Yakuza genre is to blame. I’m willing to concede I just didn’t get it. Some really great sequences though:

  22. Terry_Moby's rating of the film Fireworks

    3.7 A good film, no doubt. But after seeing quite a number of Kitano's works, I find his dead pan film style a bit tiring. Still, the contrast of the (many) poetic scenes and images and the gangster parts make this a satisfying work.

  23. Loz Loory's rating of the film Fireworks

    Awe-inspiring. The editing sets and maintains the tone. Brief fireworks of quick shots in between scenes of pensive silence or halting monologue. Sometimes the fireworks are flashbacks, sometimes flash forwards, and sometimes of the moment. This rhythm is the rhythm of everyday life: monotony and emptiness, with very occasional moments of horror or happiness.

  24. MisterColo93's rating of the film Fireworks

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