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  1. Morteza Sayah's rating of the film Fish & Cat

    Time is concern of the movie and mokri gives new filmic form to show this and I think this new way is unified with storytelling and short stories of movie. there is no an original story but these short stories advance the film and making movie more interesting and more private. Wished it had better performances .I hope mokri could do better in future

  2. dalena's rating of the film Fish & Cat

    a treasure of psychological vertigo told through intersecting, elliptical narratives. manipulative through the spacial advancement of the camera, creeping into the told and the untold. we are the witness of the forbidden territories in horror films. we follow fixatedly through a maze of a silent and malicious hunt.

  3. bmelis's rating of the film Fish & Cat

  4. Enrico Utomo's rating of the film Fish & Cat

    How many shots are in this movie, you ask? One - there is only one take/shot, making it possibly one of its kind. Biggest praise to the impressive "choreography" - performed by the cast and the crew for the duration of the movie. Heavily rehearsed and mathematical - this is a game, a puzzle - you may attempt to unravel the loops as you go on. But it's easy to lose your way and found nothing at the end of the journey.

  5. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Fish & Cat

    "Fish and cat no solo quiere ser complejo en su uso técnico y argumental, sino también sorteando géneros y además creando falsos estados de ánimo. La atmósfera muda de lo romántica a lo dramático, del thriller a lo absurdo. Mokri es ambicioso. De lo limitado desea descomponer una serie de situaciones y mecanismos..."