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  1. Photo of Norman Jewison

    Norman Jewison Director, Producer

  2. Photo of Gene Corman

    Gene Corman Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Joe Eszterhas

    Joe Eszterhas Screenplay

  4. Photo of Sylvester Stallone

    Sylvester Stallone Screenplay, Cast

  5. Photo of László Kovács

    László Kovács Cinematography

  6. Photo of Rod Steiger

    Rod Steiger Cast

  7. Photo of Peter Boyle

    Peter Boyle Cast

  8. Photo of Melinda Dillon

    Melinda Dillon Cast

  9. Photo of David Huffman

    David Huffman Cast

  10. Photo of Kevin Conway

    Kevin Conway Cast

  11. Photo of Tony Lo Bianco

    Tony Lo Bianco Cast

  12. Photo of Cassie Yates

    Cassie Yates Cast

  13. Photo of John Lehne

    John Lehne Cast

  14. Photo of Henry Wilcoxon

    Henry Wilcoxon Cast

  15. Photo of Richard Herd

    Richard Herd Cast

  16. Photo of Tony Mockus Jr.

    Tony Mockus Jr. Cast

  17. Photo of Ken Kercheval

    Ken Kercheval Cast

  18. Photo of Elena Karam

    Elena Karam Cast

  19. Photo of Joe Tornatore

    Joe Tornatore Cast

  20. Photo of James Karen

    James Karen Cast

  21. Photo of Stuart Gillard

    Stuart Gillard Cast

  22. Photo of Brian Dennehy

    Brian Dennehy Cast

  23. Photo of Sam Chew Jr.

    Sam Chew Jr. Cast

  24. Photo of Robert Lipton

    Robert Lipton Cast

  25. Photo of John Bleifer

    John Bleifer Cast

  26. Photo of Frank McRae

    Frank McRae Cast

  27. Photo of Rozsika Halmos

    Rozsika Halmos Cast

  28. Photo of Earl Montgomery

    Earl Montgomery Cast

  29. Photo of Graeme Clifford

    Graeme Clifford Editing

  30. Photo of Richard Macdonald

    Richard Macdonald Production Design

  31. Photo of Bill Conti

    Bill Conti Music