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  1. Photo of Renzo Martinelli

    Renzo Martinelli Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Fabio Campus

    Fabio Campus Screenplay

  3. Photo of Donald Sutherland

    Donald Sutherland Cast

  4. Photo of Giancarlo Giannini

    Giancarlo Giannini Cast

  5. Photo of Stefania Rocca

    Stefania Rocca Cast

  6. Photo of Aisha Cerami

    Aisha Cerami Cast

  7. Photo of F. Murray Abraham

    F. Murray Abraham Cast

  8. Photo of Greg Wise

    Greg Wise Cast

  9. Photo of Philippe Leroy

    Philippe Leroy Cast

  10. Photo of Federica Martinelli

    Federica Martinelli Cast

  11. Photo of Nicola Di Pinto

    Nicola Di Pinto Cast

  12. Photo of Pino Calabrese

    Pino Calabrese Cast

  13. Photo of Pietro Ghislandi

    Pietro Ghislandi Cast

  14. Photo of Blasco Giurato

    Blasco Giurato Cinematography

  15. Photo of Paolo Buonvino

    Paolo Buonvino Music

  16. Photo of Michael Cowan

    Michael Cowan Producer

  17. Photo of Pete Maggi

    Pete Maggi Producer

  18. Photo of Jason Piette

    Jason Piette Producer

  19. Photo of Alex Marshall

    Alex Marshall Executive Producer

  20. Photo of James Simpson

    James Simpson Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Massimo Quaglia

    Massimo Quaglia Editing

  22. Photo of Luigi Bonanno

    Luigi Bonanno Costume Design