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  1. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Allied

    Netto passo avanti di Zemeckis rispetto a Flight. Storia intrigante e dosata ottimamente negli snodi narrativi,ricostruzione d'epoca e messa in scena da blockbuster di livello, attori in piena parte con una Marion meravigliosa. Amore e sospetto pervadono sempre l'atmosfera,e zio Robert conduce in porto la storia sino al per niente scontato finale. Tra le bellezze del 2017.

  2. RumbleFish's rating of the film Allied

    Imbarazzante come trama, recitazione e regia. Non possiede neanche un briciolo di tensione erotica ed è inutile e ridicolo il modo in cui viene affrontato l'innamoramento, il sospetto e il finale. Parlato in francesco troppo a lungo e immotivatamente. Attori vecchi.

  3. Star Lord's rating of the film Allied

    Molto lento ed abbastanza prevedibile.

  4. Charlie Boisvert's rating of the film Allied

  5. Maoolina Fajrini's rating of the film Allied

    the chemistry between the lead actors are very bad. The only stunning thing from this movie is Marion's outfit

  6. Huey McEvoy's rating of the film Allied

    Overly glossy and dramatically inert, with a phoned-in, cringe-inducing score and a pointless epilogue, and Pitt more wooden than a forest in Normandy. And yet... Zemeckis carries us along on this Hitchcock theme park ride thanks to several expertly constructed set pieces and some handsome production design.

  7. Trailblazer, LLC.'s rating of the film Allied

  8. Naoya Kugimiya's rating of the film Allied

  9. Robert H. Stevens's rating of the film Allied

    It's steeped in its own levels of homage, but within that, the twists and turns still kept me interested.

  10. usernull's rating of the film Allied

  11. Ali Ercivan's rating of the film Allied

    No love, no tension, no soul. Only the usual Zemeckis tricks, some elegant, but to what end?

  12. Koenjinosora's rating of the film Allied

    Quite pleasant and powerful movie for a Hollywood blockbuster

  13. J.J. 'Jake' Gittes's rating of the film Allied

    Watched with my wife & we both enjoyed it. The actors are great, the shooting is excellent, the set-up, costumes, everything is top-notch. Unbelievable attention to every detail has been made here. Although more than half of the movie is about romance & only the minor part is about spies at work; there is always thrill & suspense. Whats's gonna happen, this is what you think; and it's always turning out differently..

  14. Tudor Buhatel's rating of the film Allied

  15. patríciapinho's rating of the film Allied

    it's easy to feel sorry and tear up over the tragic ending of this cute lil couple until you realise she's an ACTUAL NAZI SPY

  16. smndvdcl's rating of the film Allied

    Much off-screen speculation surrounded this film, which turned out to be complete hokum. One reason could be how electric the chemistry is between Cotillard and Pitt (remember the Friends analogy as a litmus test - if there's chemistry on screen, they're behaving off). Zemeckis is prone to schmaltz, but some sequences elevate this film beyond the formulaic. A thrilling war-time espionage piece.

  17. DenoResandono's rating of the film Allied

    Actually, I can't really decide whether ALLIED is good movie or an ordinary one. Director Robert Zemeckis succeed to give a solid presentation of World War II spionage movie. Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard also gave a solid performance. I loved their performance in ALLIED. I think the real problem is in its script. I think it lacks of punch. I feel it's just ordinary. Although I must admit I like its twist and turns.

  18. Dave's rating of the film Allied

    A modern day version of the type of war/espionage film that Billy Wilder would make. Doesn't reach Wilder-like heights, but the fact that I'm even making that reference should be proof that it's one worth watching.

  19. Görkem Demir's rating of the film Allied

  20. Gabriella F's rating of the film Allied

    How do I find myself still deeply thinking about how beautiful that erotic scene was and then all of a sudden find my face melting in my own tears? I don't want to cry to movies anymore, this is all my life has become lately. This academy award year is just too emotional, I cant. I quit. I'll cry during commercials if this keeps on happening. I'm out of control. Help.

  21. Elayla's rating of the film Allied

    Lately, I've begun to make a difference I didn't make before between "entertaining" and "good". I used to think that "entertaining" was bad, the Devil of cinematography and culture. But now I think it's just as an important part as the "good". This film was more on the "entertaining" side for me. But I really enjoyed it.

  22. Miguel Antunes's rating of the film Allied

    Marion, how she satin both for parties and to sleep and an old Brad Pitt wore high waisted pants. Nothing but that made me feel anything but bored

  23. Lucia0550's rating of the film Allied

  24.'s rating of the film Allied

    not really bad at all. but Allied is definitely lack of powerfull screenplay.

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