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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Esteban Henao's rating of the film Five

    It takes an enormous kind of sensibility to pull this off. I started and couldn't stop. I don't know if those scenes were staged or nature just allowed him to be such magical just by knowing when to be there and put the camera on. In every five of those scenes something interesting happens... how? In any case, the sea will always look good on camera... always. This was strangely awesome to watch.

  2. AdrianM.'s rating of the film Five

    interesting idea, but meh..

  3. Andrew Miller's rating of the film Five

    The frogs are the real stars here.

  4. Slow Immersion's rating of the film Five

    Wonderful meditative experience from Kiarostami and most probably his most experimental work, especially the magnificent night lake segment.

  5. lupiter's rating of the film Five

    i needed to relax and this worked perfectly well.

  6. hazalil's rating of the film Five

    Waves, dogs, ducks, frogs...and the moon.

  7. Lumière's rating of the film Five

    Overall I feel like the first 3 takes were a bit too weak to give the film a great score, but the last two made up for it. I'll certainly need to check out that last segment again and if I'm brave enough I'll watch the entire film again in the coming weeks or months.

  8. smelo's rating of the film Five

    "Dedicated to Yasujiro Ozu"

  9. yoel meranda's rating of the film Five

    structural but not exactly in the sense of the american avant-garde, real audiovisual treat

  10. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Five

    Quiet, meditative, poetic. Words that can describe this beautiful tribute to one of cinema's Gods from a living master. Bravo Abbas Kiarostami! Bravo!

  11. Mohammad Aboomar's rating of the film Five

    This film is so extreme and radical. It is the Taliban of movies!

  12. francisca bacon's rating of the film Five

    de la lumină la întuneric, chiarostami, kiaroscuro. -- les plages d'agnes, les plages d'abbas. plajele lui agnes varda sunt recapitulări ale unei vieţi prea puţin convenţionale, imponderabile şi pline de iniţiative deopotrivă, cele ale lui abbas sunt omagii lui ozu, dedicaţii, nu biografii.

  13. Trevor D. Jun Kwong's rating of the film Five

    PART I of wall post: The closest thing I know of to a "poetic cinema." What I mean by this is a kind of cinema that allows you to fill in all the emotion entirely on your own. There is nearly no manipulation on the filmmaker's part in this kind of cinema. He only shoots objects he finds of substantial interest and meaning, and then allows you to bring your life and all your dreams to the film.

  14. David Correa's rating of the film Five

  15. Diarmuid's rating of the film Five

    What did I miss here? I found nothing stimulating in this, other than the positioning of the camera is done by someone with an eye for captured images, but so what? The film gave me nothing. Does that make me unworthy? Really like Ten and Shirin, Kiarostami's other 'experiments'... this didn't work in my opinion. It seems like self reduction to nothing.

  16. Blue K, Custodian of the Cinema's rating of the film Five

    There are some films by the masters that go over the head of the custodian with his remedial education. This is one of them.