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  1. Photo of Pirjo Honkasalo

    Pirjo Honkasalo Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Pekka Lehto

    Pekka Lehto Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Algot Untola

    Algot Untola Screenplay

  4. Photo of Asko Sarkola

    Asko Sarkola Cast

  5. Photo of Rea Mauranen

    Rea Mauranen Cast

  6. Photo of Kari Franck

    Kari Franck Cast

  7. Photo of Esko Salminen

    Esko Salminen Cast

  8. Photo of Ritva Juhanto

    Ritva Juhanto Cast

  9. Photo of Ari Suonsuu

    Ari Suonsuu Cast

  10. Photo of Tuomo Railo

    Tuomo Railo Cast

  11. Photo of Heikki Valpola

    Heikki Valpola Music

  12. Photo of Pentti Valkeasuo

    Pentti Valkeasuo Production Design

  13. Photo of Claes Olsson

    Claes Olsson Producer

  14. Photo of Irma Taina

    Irma Taina Editing

  15. Photo of Paul Jyrälä

    Paul Jyrälä Sound

  16. Photo of Päivi Tiura

    Päivi Tiura Costume Design