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  1. Photo of James Neilson

    James Neilson Director

  2. Photo of Mark Rodgers

    Mark Rodgers Screenplay

  3. Photo of Raquel Welch

    Raquel Welch Cast

  4. Photo of James Stacy

    James Stacy Cast

  5. Photo of Luke Askew

    Luke Askew Cast

  6. Photo of Don Chastain

    Don Chastain Cast

  7. Photo of Ron Rifkin

    Ron Rifkin Cast

  8. Photo of Jean Byron

    Jean Byron Cast

  9. Photo of Pat Delaney

    Pat Delaney Cast

  10. Photo of Sandra Giles

    Sandra Giles Cast

  11. Photo of Kay Peters

    Kay Peters Cast

  12. Photo of Joe Billings

    Joe Billings Cast

  13. Photo of Carol-Jean Thompson

    Carol-Jean Thompson Cast

  14. Photo of Mary Wilcox

    Mary Wilcox Cast

  15. Photo of Carl Byrd

    Carl Byrd Cast

  16. Photo of Steve Conte

    Steve Conte Cast

  17. Photo of Tom Fadden

    Tom Fadden Cast

  18. Photo of Andrew J. McIntyre

    Andrew J. McIntyre Cinematography

  19. Photo of Les Baxter

    Les Baxter Music

  20. Photo of Leon Fromkess

    Leon Fromkess Producer

  21. Photo of Aaron Stell

    Aaron Stell Editing