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  1. Photo of Wilson Yip

    Wilson Yip Director

  2. Photo of Zhao Guoguang

    Zhao Guoguang Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Tian Wang Chang

    Tian Wang Chang Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Wong Bak-Ming

    Wong Bak-Ming Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Yu Dong

    Yu Dong Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Nansun Shi

    Nansun Shi Producer

  7. Photo of Szeto Kam-Yuen

    Szeto Kam-Yuen Screenplay

  8. Photo of Tang Lik-Kei

    Tang Lik-Kei Screenplay

  9. Photo of Cheung Man Po

    Cheung Man Po Cinematography

  10. Photo of Donnie Yen

    Donnie Yen Cast and Producer

  11. Photo of Louis Koo

    Louis Koo Cast

  12. Photo of Collin Chou

    Collin Chou Cast

  13. Photo of Ray Liu

    Ray Liu Cast

  14. Photo of Fan Bingbing

    Fan Bingbing Cast

  15. Photo of Kent Cheng

    Kent Cheng Cast

  16. Photo of Xing Yu

    Xing Yu Cast

  17. Photo of Xu Qing

    Xu Qing Cast

  18. Photo of Ben Lam

    Ben Lam Cast

  19. Photo of Law Lan

    Law Lan Cast

  20. Photo of Ha Ping

    Ha Ping Cast

  21. Photo of Irene Wang

    Irene Wang Cast

  22. Photo of Austin Wai

    Austin Wai Cast

  23. Photo of Wai Ai

    Wai Ai Cast

  24. Photo of Wong Chi-Wai

    Wong Chi-Wai Cast

  25. Photo of Aaron Leung

    Aaron Leung Cast

  26. Photo of Kenji Tanigaki

    Kenji Tanigaki Cast

  27. Photo of Yu Kang

    Yu Kang Cast

  28. Photo of Tony Ho

    Tony Ho Cast

  29. Photo of Timmy Hung

    Timmy Hung Cast

  30. Photo of Cheung Ka-Fai

    Cheung Ka-Fai Editing

  31. Photo of Kenneth Mak

    Kenneth Mak Production Design

  32. Photo of Chan Kwong-Wing

    Chan Kwong-Wing Music

  33. Photo of He Jingshu

    He Jingshu Sound

  34. Photo of Iris Lee

    Iris Lee Sound

  35. Photo of Wayne Adrian Riley

    Wayne Adrian Riley Sound

  36. Photo of Sam Wang

    Sam Wang Sound

  37. Photo of Fifi Wong

    Fifi Wong Sound

  38. Photo of Chin Wing Lai

    Chin Wing Lai Sound

  39. Photo of Guo Ming

    Guo Ming Sound

  40. Photo of Lee Pik Kwan

    Lee Pik Kwan Costume Design