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  1. Photo of Patrik Eklund

    Patrik Eklund Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Kerstin Andersson

    Kerstin Andersson Cast

  3. Photo of Sissela Benn

    Sissela Benn Cast

  4. Photo of Mats Bergman

    Mats Bergman Cast

  5. Photo of Kjell Bergqvist

    Kjell Bergqvist Cast

  6. Photo of Nilsgustaf Bergström

    Nilsgustaf Bergström Cast

  7. Photo of Peter Carlberg

    Peter Carlberg Cast

  8. Photo of Alexander Dahlström

    Alexander Dahlström Cast

  9. Photo of Ronny Eriksson

    Ronny Eriksson Cast

  10. Photo of Saga Eserstam

    Saga Eserstam Cast

  11. Photo of Ingar Helge Gimle

    Ingar Helge Gimle Cast

  12. Photo of Johnny Grape

    Johnny Grape Cast

  13. Photo of Svante Grundberg

    Svante Grundberg Cast

  14. Photo of David Grehn

    David Grehn Cinematography

  15. Photo of John Erik Kaada

    John Erik Kaada Music

  16. Photo of Anna Paulson

    Anna Paulson Production Design

  17. Photo of Mathias Fjällström

    Mathias Fjällström Producer

  18. Photo of Gunnar Carlsson

    Gunnar Carlsson Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Lone Korslund

    Lone Korslund Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Per-Erik Svensson

    Per-Erik Svensson Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Tor Ökvist

    Tor Ökvist Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Turid Øversveen

    Turid Øversveen Executive Producer