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  1. Photo of Ettore Pasculli

    Ettore Pasculli Director

  2. Photo of Lucio Mandarà

    Lucio Mandarà Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ettore Pasculli

    Ettore Pasculli Screenplay

  4. Photo of Luciano Luna

    Luciano Luna Producer

  5. Photo of Claudia Mori

    Claudia Mori Producer

  6. Photo of Michel Legrand

    Michel Legrand Music

  7. Photo of Alfio Contini

    Alfio Contini Cinematography

  8. Photo of Ruggero Mastroianni

    Ruggero Mastroianni Editing

  9. Photo of Giorgio Luppi

    Giorgio Luppi Production Design

  10. Photo of Marco Luppi

    Marco Luppi Production Design

  11. Photo of Claudio Manzi

    Claudio Manzi Costume Design

  12. Photo of Fabrice Josso

    Fabrice Josso Cast

  13. Photo of Inés Sastre

    Inés Sastre Cast

  14. Photo of Horst Buchholz

    Horst Buchholz Cast

  15. Photo of Aurore Clément

    Aurore Clément Cast

  16. Photo of Jacques Perrin

    Jacques Perrin Cast

  17. Photo of Van Johnson

    Van Johnson Cast

  18. Photo of Paolo Bonacelli

    Paolo Bonacelli Cast

  19. Photo of Giovanni Visentin

    Giovanni Visentin Cast

  20. Photo of Lukas Ammann

    Lukas Ammann Cast

  21. Photo of Lou Castel

    Lou Castel Cast

  22. Photo of Barbara Cupisti

    Barbara Cupisti Cast

  23. Photo of Olivia Ancker

    Olivia Ancker Cast

  24. Photo of Umberto Conte

    Umberto Conte Cast

  25. Photo of Daniela Giordano

    Daniela Giordano Cast

  26. Photo of Greta Vayan

    Greta Vayan Cast