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  1. Photo of Igor Bosc

    Igor Bosc Editing

  2. Photo of Safar Hakadodov

    Safar Hakadodov Editing

  3. Photo of Min Boung-hun

    Min Boung-hun Editing, Cinematography, Producer, Director

  4. Photo of Jamshed Usmonov

    Jamshed Usmonov Editing, Director, Screenplay, Producer

  5. Photo of Muhammadjon Shodi

    Muhammadjon Shodi Cast

  6. Photo of Mastura Ortik

    Mastura Ortik Cast

  7. Photo of Taghoymurod Rozik

    Taghoymurod Rozik Cast

  8. Photo of Beknazar Kabirov

    Beknazar Kabirov Cast

  9. Photo of Mardonkul Kulbobo

    Mardonkul Kulbobo Cast

  10. Photo of Fakhriddin Fathiddin

    Fakhriddin Fathiddin Cast

  11. Photo of Takoi Murod Rozik

    Takoi Murod Rozik Cast

  12. Photo of Muhamad Shodi

    Muhamad Shodi Cast

  13. Photo of Furkat Buri

    Furkat Buri Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Hun Kim Tae

    Hun Kim Tae Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Svetlana Kudratova

    Svetlana Kudratova Sound