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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Flirt

    Par ce film, Hartley commet la prouesse de décevoir tous ses aficionados, unanimement. Sous prétexte d'universalité de la problématique du désir amoureux, il nous impose un pensum des plus ennuyeux...

  2. Ethan's rating of the film Flirt

    This is a brilliant and honest look at relationships and shows that no matter who we are or where we are, somebody is going through the same shit you are. It's just all about how you go about doing things.

  3. NICOLE86's rating of the film Flirt

    This film proved to me Hal Hartley is one of the greatest American independent directors ever.

  4. nessmj's rating of the film Flirt

    exploring the depths to which love as an event is unremarkable but wholly singular.

  5. Greg's rating of the film Flirt

    Serviceable Hal Hartley. Something about it is a little dated, but I have a hard time putting my finger on what.

  6. Lance L O T's rating of the film Flirt

    A very nice premisse though it should have been more carefully worked on, since it is rather repetitive at a point. Though the formal makes up for the content.

  7. Jesse Furgurson's rating of the film Flirt

    I thought this was supposed to be mid-range Hartley, but it's def. a top 3 contender. Maybe the peak of his visual style.