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Ratings & Reviews

  1. BernardoDiniz's rating of the film Flowers of Evil

    Yeah I think I'm a weeb because I prefer the manga

  2. Cătălin, HiperCristalin's rating of the film Flowers of Evil

    5/5: I owe my insanity to this + I relate to the whole thing in many ways: 1) I stole a girl's gym clothes for masturbatory purposes as well; 2) In 8th grade I vandalized my school; 3) I only fall in love with mentally deranged girls; 4) I take great pleasure in being manipulated; 5) I believe 99.92% of humans are shitheads (including U); 6) I act all innocent and then proceed to ruin people's lives out of curiosity.

  3. falso doku's rating of the film Flowers of Evil

    algún día haré una serie de anime que hable sobre mi (y mis cables). capítulos siete y trece. el polerón que necesitaba en invierno. leeré el manga (ca). y quizás ni siquiera me gustó tanto, pero me desbordó, lloré. hana ga saita yo.