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  1. Photo of Shu Lea Cheang

    Shu Lea Cheang Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Candy Flip

    Candy Flip Cast

  3. Photo of Bishop Black

    Bishop Black Cast

  4. Photo of Kristina Marlen

    Kristina Marlen Cast

  5. Photo of William E. Morris

    William E. Morris Cast

  6. Photo of Alexander Geist

    Alexander Geist Cast

  7. Photo of Aérea Negrot

    Aérea Negrot Cast and Music

  8. Photo of Dieter Rita Scholl

    Dieter Rita Scholl Cast

  9. Photo of Sadie Lune

    Sadie Lune Cast

  10. Photo of Doris Boris

    Doris Boris Cast

  11. Photo of Caprice Crawford

    Caprice Crawford Cast

  12. Photo of James Carman

    James Carman Cinematography

  13. Photo of Nelja Stump

    Nelja Stump Production Design

  14. Photo of Jürgen Brüning

    Jürgen Brüning Producer

  15. Photo of Sonja Klümper

    Sonja Klümper Producer

  16. Photo of Paula Alamillo

    Paula Alamillo Producer

  17. Photo of Jörn Hartmann

    Jörn Hartmann Editing

  18. Photo of Vincent Zegveld

    Vincent Zegveld Sound

  19. Photo of Ramona Petersen

    Ramona Petersen Costume Design