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  1. Photo of Nicholas Ray

    Nicholas Ray Director

  2. Photo of Edmund Grainger

    Edmund Grainger Producer

  3. Photo of James Edward Grant

    James Edward Grant Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kenneth Gamet

    Kenneth Gamet Screenplay

  5. Photo of Beirne Lay Jr.

    Beirne Lay Jr. Screenplay

  6. Photo of William E. Snyder

    William E. Snyder Cinematography

  7. Photo of John Wayne

    John Wayne Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Ryan

    Robert Ryan Cast

  9. Photo of Don Taylor

    Don Taylor Cast

  10. Photo of Janis Carter

    Janis Carter Cast

  11. Photo of Jay C. Flippen

    Jay C. Flippen Cast

  12. Photo of William Harrigan

    William Harrigan Cast

  13. Photo of James Bell

    James Bell Cast

  14. Photo of Barry Kelley

    Barry Kelley Cast

  15. Photo of Maurice Jara

    Maurice Jara Cast

  16. Photo of Adam Williams

    Adam Williams Cast

  17. Photo of James Dobson

    James Dobson Cast

  18. Photo of Carleton Young

    Carleton Young Cast

  19. Photo of Michael St. Angel

    Michael St. Angel Cast

  20. Photo of Brett King

    Brett King Cast

  21. Photo of Sherman Todd

    Sherman Todd Editing

  22. Photo of Roy Webb

    Roy Webb Music

  23. Photo of Frank McWhorter

    Frank McWhorter Sound

  24. Photo of Clem Portman

    Clem Portman Sound