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  1. Photo of Kit Hui

    Kit Hui Director, Screenplay, Editing Producer

  2. Photo of K.B. Elliget

    K.B. Elliget Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Sam Kwok

    Sam Kwok Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Patrick Lee

    Patrick Lee Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Bobby Shih

    Bobby Shih Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Stephen C. Wang

    Stephen C. Wang Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Brian Yang

    Brian Yang Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Amiina

    Amiina Music

  9. Photo of Eric Lin

    Eric Lin Cinematography

  10. Photo of Renée Chao Chia-Yi

    Renée Chao Chia-Yi Production Design

  11. Photo of Terence Yin

    Terence Yin Cast

  12. Photo of Eugenia Yuan

    Eugenia Yuan Cast

  13. Photo of Camy Ting

    Camy Ting Cast

  14. Photo of Joman Chiang

    Joman Chiang Cast

  15. Photo of Phat Chan

    Phat Chan Cast

  16. Photo of Yung Wong

    Yung Wong Cast

  17. Photo of Tony Ho

    Tony Ho Cast

  18. Photo of Ben Yuen

    Ben Yuen Cast

  19. Photo of Lok Yu

    Lok Yu Cast

  20. Photo of Lawrence Wong

    Lawrence Wong Cast

  21. Photo of Cheung Ching-yu

    Cheung Ching-yu Cast