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  1. Zachary T.'s rating of the film Following

    The story behind this essentially budgetless labor of love is an inspiration in itself. Here is living proof that multimilliondollar price tags aren't what bring people to the movies -- damn good stories do. Nolan solved technical shortcomings with clever editing, and in the process developed a rhythmic inter-cutting style he'd never abandon on bigger features. A seminal title, worthy of study for film students.

  2. RenaissancePete's rating of the film Following

    Aside from a-star studded cast, everything you would expect from a Christopher Nolan film is here. The subject matter and non-linear structure instantly engages and muddles with your mind. For a film that was made on a shoestring budget Nolan has done a remarkable job, using natural lighting and whatever locations he could get his hands on, to create a gritty and intricate neo-noir.

  3. Legend Logsdon's rating of the film Following

    Neo Noir movies are visually really cool to me. Black and White looks good when there are interesting angles and lighting. I love the style of this film because of the way Nolan seems to mix the old with the new. Example: Old style clothing (old style suits) with newer, more modern, clothing. I'm glad the story didn't really stay linear, it jumped from past to present. Very cool to see his early work.

  4. Zachary Curl's rating of the film Following

    this is a really fantastic film. it's great seeing his early work and how his style had been there already. it's really impressive to think that this was his first real film, and even more impressive is that his career, as short as it has been so far, is incredibly consistent and keeps getting better.

  5. Milenko O'kuka's rating of the film Following

    Who said that you can't make fantastic movie with budget of 6000$?!?

  6. danliofer's rating of the film Following

    Where the Nolan´s talent started...

  7. Rob Jones's rating of the film Following

    Watching this film, made at weekends with friends, made me wish I had taken a different path and could write and direct something of my own. No doubt it would be utter tosh but this film is an inspiration nevertheless. A brilliant example of what is possible with an intelligent imagination. At the same time it made me feel quite sick at how much money is wasted on all the terrible films each year.

  8. House 0f Leaves's rating of the film Following

    v I wouldn't call the majority of Nolan's fans 'the educated public'. Still, this is probably his best film.

  9. Irreversible93's rating of the film Following

    Great film; amazingly well-planned plot. Loved the way it was organized into three distinct periods of time, and how they all connected so perfectly at the end.

  10. Lee Bullitt's rating of the film Following

    Pretty good for something independent and low-budget. The story was pretty simple, really. Unique in the way the characer went from one "Addiction" tot he next and why. I loved the initial conversation between the young man & Cobb (a pretty good con artist) in a diner. It's the kind of story where, as you watch it you say: this is why you don't follow people, this is why you don't break into homes, this is why etc.

  11. davandwar's rating of the film Following

    Definitely a creative film with an engagingly edited narrative... can certainly see how "Memento" was Nolan's next step. "Following" is an interesting insight into people's minds and how they view and why they form relationships.

  12. JT Gurzi's rating of the film Following

    Hands down one of the most inventive uses of celluloid for any no budget non-linear narrative motion picture.... Especially considering the freedom he has created for himself as an Auteur. Nolan has uniquely inspired proletariat filmmakers globally. His ability to transcend the financial barrier with a highly creative b&w no budget project is an exceptional model for all to assimilate and or aspire to.

  13. Elisou's rating of the film Following

  14. Addiena of Mubi land's rating of the film Following

    By this, Nolan has set a standard, that noone could beat. Bravo! (I wish he kept what he once have, the detailed stories, above all, is better, than blowing up hospitals..[he's just not being him in Dark Knight, it's what I staple in my mind])

  15. Andhika Eka Buana's rating of the film Following

    if you still haven't believe that Nolan is a soon-to-be-legendary auteur, go check this brilliant debut feature of him !

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