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  1. Photo of Stephen Frears

    Stephen Frears Director

  2. Photo of Frederic Goode

    Frederic Goode Director

  3. Photo of Ian McFarlane

    Ian McFarlane Director

  4. Photo of Michael Apted

    Michael Apted Director

  5. Photo of Maurice Hatton

    Maurice Hatton Director

  6. Photo of Vic Hughes

    Vic Hughes Director

  7. Photo of Michael Tuchner

    Michael Tuchner Director

  8. Photo of Mike Purcell

    Mike Purcell Director

  9. Photo of Claude Whatham

    Claude Whatham Director

  10. Photo of Desmond Davis

    Desmond Davis Director

  11. Photo of Jack Cardiff

    Jack Cardiff Director

  12. Photo of Gerry Mill

    Gerry Mill Director

  13. Photo of Eric Price

    Eric Price Director

  14. Photo of Peter Hammond

    Peter Hammond Director

  15. Photo of Gareth Davies

    Gareth Davies Director

  16. Photo of Antony R. Thomas

    Antony R. Thomas Director

  17. Photo of Ken Hannam

    Ken Hannam Director

  18. Photo of David Hemmings

    David Hemmings Director

  19. Photo of Francis Stevens

    Francis Stevens Screenplay

  20. Photo of Audley Southcott

    Audley Southcott Screenplay and Producer

  21. Photo of Jennifer Stuart

    Jennifer Stuart Screenplay

  22. Photo of Christine Bright

    Christine Bright Screenplay

  23. Photo of Rosemary Anne Sisson

    Rosemary Anne Sisson Screenplay

  24. Photo of Rosemary Gee

    Rosemary Gee Screenplay

  25. Photo of Monica Dickens

    Monica Dickens Novel

  26. Photo of Gillian Blake

    Gillian Blake Cast

  27. Photo of Steve Hodson

    Steve Hodson Cast

  28. Photo of Christian Rodska

    Christian Rodska Cast

  29. Photo of Desmond Llewelyn

    Desmond Llewelyn Cast

  30. Photo of Arthur English

    Arthur English Cast

  31. Photo of Peter Jackson

    Peter Jackson Cinematography

  32. Photo of Tony Essex

    Tony Essex Executive Producer

  33. Photo of John Watts

    John Watts Editing

  34. Photo of Tim Ritson

    Tim Ritson Editing

  35. Photo of Robert Winter

    Robert Winter Editing

  36. Photo of David Aspinall

    David Aspinall Editing

  37. Photo of John S. Smith

    John S. Smith Editing