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  1. Photo of Mark Donskoy

    Mark Donskoy Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Boris Bailik

    Boris Bailik Screenplay

  3. Photo of Maxim Gorky

    Maxim Gorky Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lev Shvarts

    Lev Shvarts Music

  5. Photo of Margarita Pilikhina

    Margarita Pilikhina Cinematography

  6. Photo of Pyotr Pashkevich

    Pyotr Pashkevich Production Design

  7. Photo of Elza Rapoport

    Elza Rapoport Costume Design

  8. Photo of Sergei Lukyanov

    Sergei Lukyanov Cast

  9. Photo of Georgi Yepifantsev

    Georgi Yepifantsev Cast

  10. Photo of Pavel Tarasov

    Pavel Tarasov Cast

  11. Photo of Alla Labetskaya

    Alla Labetskaya Cast

  12. Photo of Marina Strizhenova

    Marina Strizhenova Cast

  13. Photo of Mariya Milkova

    Mariya Milkova Cast

  14. Photo of Igor Sretensky

    Igor Sretensky Cast

  15. Photo of Gennadiy Sergeev

    Gennadiy Sergeev Cast

  16. Photo of Boris Sitko

    Boris Sitko Cast

  17. Photo of Boris Andreyev

    Boris Andreyev Cast

  18. Photo of Aleksandr Balitsky

    Aleksandr Balitsky Cast

  19. Photo of Lyudmila Nikiforova

    Lyudmila Nikiforova Cast

  20. Photo of Irina Nikiforova

    Irina Nikiforova Cast

  21. Photo of Vladislav Lebedev

    Vladislav Lebedev Cast

  22. Photo of Aleksandr Kukareko

    Aleksandr Kukareko Cast