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  1. Photo of Francis Mankiewicz

    Francis Mankiewicz Director

  2. Photo of Réjean Ducharme

    Réjean Ducharme Screenplay

  3. Photo of Monique Spaziani

    Monique Spaziani Cast

  4. Photo of Julie Vincent

    Julie Vincent Cast

  5. Photo of Paul Hebert

    Paul Hebert Cast

  6. Photo of R.H. Thomson

    R.H. Thomson Cast

  7. Photo of Michel Daigle

    Michel Daigle Cast

  8. Photo of Mélanie Daigle

    Mélanie Daigle Cast

  9. Photo of Isabelle Pérez

    Isabelle Pérez Cast

  10. Photo of Lionel Géroux

    Lionel Géroux Cast

  11. Photo of Georges Delisle

    Georges Delisle Cast

  12. Photo of Rémy Girard

    Rémy Girard Cast

  13. Photo of Patrick Falardeau

    Patrick Falardeau Cast

  14. Photo of Pierre Morin

    Pierre Morin Cast

  15. Photo of Nicky Roy

    Nicky Roy Cast

  16. Photo of Andrée Lachapelle

    Andrée Lachapelle Cast

  17. Photo of Georges Dufaux

    Georges Dufaux Cinematography

  18. Photo of Jean Cousineau

    Jean Cousineau Music

  19. Photo of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Music

  20. Photo of Normand Sarazin

    Normand Sarazin Production Design

  21. Photo of Françoise Berd

    Françoise Berd Producer

  22. Photo of Jean Dansereau

    Jean Dansereau Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Pierre Lamy

    Pierre Lamy Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Esther Auger

    Esther Auger Sound

  25. Photo of André Corriveau

    André Corriveau Sound and Editing

  26. Photo of Denis Dupont

    Denis Dupont Sound

  27. Photo of Yves Gendron

    Yves Gendron Sound

  28. Photo of Claude Hazanavicius

    Claude Hazanavicius Sound

  29. Photo of Louis Hone

    Louis Hone Sound

  30. Photo of Jean-Pierre Joutel

    Jean-Pierre Joutel Sound

  31. Photo of Anne Whiteside

    Anne Whiteside Sound

  32. Photo of Tim Hewlings

    Tim Hewlings Sound

  33. Photo of Ken Page

    Ken Page Sound