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  1. Photo of Shukry Sarhan

    Shukry Sarhan Cast

  2. Photo of Tewfik El Dekn

    Tewfik El Dekn Cast

  3. Photo of Berlanty Abdel Hamid

    Berlanty Abdel Hamid Cast

  4. Photo of Tewfik Saleh

    Tewfik Saleh Screenplay, Director

  5. Photo of Naguib Mahfouz

    Naguib Mahfouz Screenplay

  6. Photo of Abdel Aziz Fahmy

    Abdel Aziz Fahmy Cinematography

  7. Photo of Said El-Sheikh

    Said El-Sheikh Editing

  8. Photo of H. Afifi

    H. Afifi Editing

  9. Photo of Magdi Kamel

    Magdi Kamel Sound

  10. Photo of George Kazazyan

    George Kazazyan Music

  11. Photo of Hassan el Baroudi

    Hassan el Baroudi Cast

  12. Photo of Abdel Ghani Kamar

    Abdel Ghani Kamar Cast

  13. Photo of Nadia El Sabi

    Nadia El Sabi Cast

  14. Photo of Abdel Aziz Ahmed

    Abdel Aziz Ahmed Cast

  15. Photo of Saad Ardash

    Saad Ardash Cast