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  1. Photo of Tom Schreiber

    Tom Schreiber Director

  2. Photo of Till Derenbach

    Till Derenbach Producer, Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Wim Wenders

    Wim Wenders Producer

  4. Photo of Ingo Haeb

    Ingo Haeb Screenplay

  5. Photo of Olaf Hirschberg

    Olaf Hirschberg Cinematography

  6. Photo of Hajo Schomerus

    Hajo Schomerus Cinematography

  7. Photo of Christoph Bach

    Christoph Bach Cast

  8. Photo of Victoria Deutschmann

    Victoria Deutschmann Cast

  9. Photo of Hannelore Lübeck

    Hannelore Lübeck Cast

  10. Photo of Markus John

    Markus John Cast

  11. Photo of Peter Clös

    Peter Clös Cast

  12. Photo of Wilfried Schmickler

    Wilfried Schmickler Cast

  13. Photo of Christian Tasche

    Christian Tasche Cast

  14. Photo of Waldemar Kobus

    Waldemar Kobus Cast

  15. Photo of Jens Münchow

    Jens Münchow Cast

  16. Photo of Lutz Schmidt

    Lutz Schmidt Cast

  17. Photo of Nicholas Bodeux

    Nicholas Bodeux Cast

  18. Photo of Arved Birnbaum

    Arved Birnbaum Cast

  19. Photo of René Haustein

    René Haustein Cast

  20. Photo of Vera Teltz

    Vera Teltz Cast

  21. Photo of Isabel Hemming

    Isabel Hemming Cast

  22. Photo of Georg Marin

    Georg Marin Cast

  23. Photo of Myriam Strugalla

    Myriam Strugalla Editing

  24. Photo of Andreas Radtke

    Andreas Radtke Editing

  25. Photo of Alexander Scherer

    Alexander Scherer Production Design

  26. Photo of Jakob Ilja

    Jakob Ilja Music

  27. Photo of Hubertus Müll

    Hubertus Müll Sound