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  1. Photo of Juan José Campanella

    Juan José Campanella Director, Screenplay, Voice, Editing & 1 more
    Juan José Campanella Director, Screenplay, Voice, Editing, Producer

  2. Photo of Gaston Gorali

    Gaston Gorali Screenplay

  3. Photo of Eduardo Sacheri

    Eduardo Sacheri Screenplay

  4. Photo of Axel Kuschevatzky

    Axel Kuschevatzky Voice

  5. Photo of Félix Monti

    Félix Monti Cinematography

  6. Photo of Emilio Kauderer

    Emilio Kauderer Music

  7. Photo of Mikel Lejarza

    Mikel Lejarza Producer

  8. Photo of Jorge Estrada Mora

    Jorge Estrada Mora Producer

  9. Photo of Mercedes Gamero

    Mercedes Gamero Producer

  10. Photo of Manuel Polanco

    Manuel Polanco Producer

  11. Photo of Roberto Schroeder

    Roberto Schroeder Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Abel Goldfarb

    Abel Goldfarb Editing