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  1. Photo of Al Reinert

    Al Reinert Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Virgil I. Grissom

    Virgil I. Grissom Self

  3. Photo of Edward H. White II

    Edward H. White II Self

  4. Photo of Roger B. Chaffee

    Roger B. Chaffee Self

  5. Photo of Walter H. Schirra

    Walter H. Schirra Self

  6. Photo of Donn Eisele

    Donn Eisele Self

  7. Photo of Walter Cunningham

    Walter Cunningham Self

  8. Photo of Frank Borman

    Frank Borman Self

  9. Photo of James A. Lovell Jr.

    James A. Lovell Jr. Self

  10. Photo of William Anders

    William Anders Self

  11. Photo of James McDivitt

    James McDivitt Self

  12. Photo of David R. Scott

    David R. Scott Self

  13. Photo of Russell L. Schweickart

    Russell L. Schweickart Self

  14. Photo of Thomas P. Stafford

    Thomas P. Stafford Self

  15. Photo of John W. Young

    John W. Young Self

  16. Photo of Eugene A. Cernan

    Eugene A. Cernan Self

  17. Photo of Neil A. Armstrong

    Neil A. Armstrong Self

  18. Photo of Michael Collins

    Michael Collins Self

  19. Photo of Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr.

    Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr. Self

  20. Photo of Charles Conrad Jr.

    Charles Conrad Jr. Self

  21. Photo of Richard F. Gordon Jr.

    Richard F. Gordon Jr. Self

  22. Photo of Alan L. Bean

    Alan L. Bean Self

  23. Photo of John L. Swigert Jr.

    John L. Swigert Jr. Self

  24. Photo of Fred W. Haise Jr.

    Fred W. Haise Jr. Self

  25. Photo of Alan B. Shepard Jr.

    Alan B. Shepard Jr. Self

  26. Photo of Stuart A. Roosa

    Stuart A. Roosa Self

  27. Photo of Edgar D. Mitchell

    Edgar D. Mitchell Self

  28. Photo of Alfred M. Worden

    Alfred M. Worden Self

  29. Photo of James B. Irwin

    James B. Irwin Self

  30. Photo of T. Kenneth Mattingly II

    T. Kenneth Mattingly II Self

  31. Photo of Charles M. Duke Jr.

    Charles M. Duke Jr. Self

  32. Photo of Ronald E. Evans

    Ronald E. Evans Self

  33. Photo of Harrison H. Schmitt

    Harrison H. Schmitt Self

  34. Photo of Brian Eno

    Brian Eno Music

  35. Photo of Betsy Broyles Breier

    Betsy Broyles Breier Producer

  36. Photo of Fred Miller

    Fred Miller Executive Producer

  37. Photo of Ben Young Mason

    Ben Young Mason Executive Producer

  38. Photo of Susan Korda

    Susan Korda Editing