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  1. Sunshine316's rating of the film For Colored Girls

    Don't judge it off of negative reviews, or Tyler Perry's other works. Give this one a look for yourself.

  2. ramosbarajas's rating of the film For Colored Girls

    The performances were incredible, and in the year of The King's Speech, some of the performances in here were more worthy than some of the ones that ended up being nominated. That said, there are some problems... The direction is awkward in parts. I don't know what they were going for, but could have been smoothere. But overall a nice, poetic film. Maybe with a less comercial director than Perry.

  3. Barry Levitt's rating of the film For Colored Girls

    This one surprised me. The performances are truly wonderful, and the characters are pretty fleshed out considering the limited screen time they get. As Perry does, the film verges into truly obnoxious melodrama at points and sometimes the monologues have trouble fitting in with the more realistic elements of the film. Still, it held my attention the entire time, and I must say I enjoyed it.

  4. boogielights's rating of the film For Colored Girls

    a very interesting movie that seems to be at war with itself. in some instances, i thought it was wonderfully moving, even if overly melodramatic. but it's definitely a manic/depressive experience watching it at times. some things i loved (being a fan of soap operatic flourishes and performances) while other things fell flat (whoopi goldberg's religious extremist character comes to mind). didn't hate it though.

  5. Scotch's rating of the film For Colored Girls

    Pretty wonderful blend of dialogue/monologue and poetry, but awkward and silly at times. Also, a littled pissed by yet another negative portrayal of queer folk (the gay man is closeted, a liar, a cheater, has HIV and is thrown out and shamed at the same time that he's told he is HIV-pos. Cool beans).

  6. goeienag's rating of the film For Colored Girls

    Do I like Tyler Perry and his work? Of course not. Did I enjoy For Colored Girls? Definitely. As a girl who's been going to plays most of her life (especially African American-based plays), this was fantastic. I DON'T think the cast is crowded at all, the roles were perfect for these women. The poetry was left untouched and applied in a smart manner. And yes, it may be depressing, but so are a billion other films. B+

  7. lau's rating of the film For Colored Girls

  8. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film For Colored Girls

    Despite an overly theatrical script, this is Perry's most mature work as a director. A giant step forward. It's also an acting showcase, featuring some of the finest performances of the year. Janet Jackson is especially luminous. The script betrays its theatrical roots with too many poetic monologues, but the performances sell it. It's strikingly lyrical