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  1. Photo of Silvio Clementelli

    Silvio Clementelli Producer

  2. Photo of Carlo Carunchio

    Carlo Carunchio Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Giuseppe Patroni Griffi

    Giuseppe Patroni Griffi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gábor Pogány

    Gábor Pogány Cinematography

  5. Photo of Franco Arcalli

    Franco Arcalli Editing

  6. Photo of Gianni Silvestri

    Gianni Silvestri Production Design

  7. Photo of Ennio Morricone

    Ennio Morricone Music

  8. Photo of Silvana Mangano

    Silvana Mangano Cast

  9. Photo of Lino Capolicchio

    Lino Capolicchio Cast

  10. Photo of Milva

    Milva Cast

  11. Photo of Paolo Graziosi

    Paolo Graziosi Cast

  12. Photo of Luc Merenda

    Luc Merenda Cast

  13. Photo of Stefania Casini

    Stefania Casini Cast

  14. Photo of Duilio Del Prete

    Duilio Del Prete Cast

  15. Photo of Adriana Asti

    Adriana Asti Cast

  16. Photo of Yves Beneyton

    Yves Beneyton Cast

  17. Photo of Gerald Incandela

    Gerald Incandela Cast