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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film For Lovers Only

    The main drawback was the excessive fashionable images that overlaps all the rest, creating some kind of artificial aesthetic. Full review:

  2. Corina Romonti's rating of the film For Lovers Only

    This film tries so hard to be something it`s not, it`s almost painful to watch. Tackiest thing ever. And cringe-worthy all the way. Long live American art house cinema.

  3. Zeppo's rating of the film For Lovers Only

    Pretentious, melodramatic trash . Symbolizes everything that is wrong with modern day American ‘arthouse’ cinema, it just doesn’t have a clue. Everything from the atrocious dialogue, to the bland acting and shoddy camera work was just dire. Not one shining light whatsoever and a sad indictment of the state cinema finds itself in.

  4. Catherine Krummey's rating of the film For Lovers Only

    The cinematography and editing are perfect.

  5. elouise1979's rating of the film For Lovers Only

    It was so beautiful and aesthetic that I'm confused whether to give it a 4 or a 5. Beauty can be very misleading, especially the beauty of love. I got shivers down my spine and teared up during some scenes. No matter how cliche it was, it moved me. Seems like the beauty wins here and I'll have to go with a 5.

  6. Rubia Carolina's rating of the film For Lovers Only

    Every little piece of it is a big and cheap cliché. The only good thing about it: it made me want to watch Antonioni's "Blow Up" and Lelouch's "A Man and a Woman" and to appreciate Willy Ronis and Doisneau's photos again and again and again.

  7. Aimee's rating of the film For Lovers Only

    it does feel like an extended ad for Calvin Klein perfume/cologne, but the intimacy between the two characters is pretty well done, and the jump cuts add to a sense of surrealism of time passing by so quickly as the two lovers are lost in each other. Its pretty aware of itself as an indulgent, romantic film. i'd probably watch it again

  8. no past land's rating of the film For Lovers Only

    You just fall in love with the movie from the moment Yves lies on the road to take a photo.

  9. Matilde Ricon Peres's rating of the film For Lovers Only

    ASTONISHING photography. Yves and Sofia are so elegantly disheveled it turns out beautiful shot in b/a.

  10. Craig B's rating of the film For Lovers Only

    It resembled a too-long CKOne ad that no one asked for and felt like an extended segment of Paris je t'aime that no one wanted. Excruciating. Love as art directed hipness. Pretty rot.

  11. Joy Thomas's rating of the film For Lovers Only

    If one was ever to fall in love with a piece of film, this has to be it. Beautifully shot on locations across France, it depicts a simple story of true love between two people who meet again for the first time in years. It's truly a joy to watch this intimacy.. almost as if you are a voyuer looking into their love-affair. The photography is stunning. Shot entirely in B/W by Michael Polish, I cannot recommend enough.

  12. Fialka Novotny's rating of the film For Lovers Only

    This is the best of what film can be, a simple story, beautifully told. The buzz behind the technical achievement -- guerilla filmmaking made possible by a handheld camera capable of shooting in HD -- is all true, but would be nothing without an excellent script, bravely acted. Katic, in particular, is a real find, a radiant beauty one part Sophia Lauren, one part Audrey Hepburn, perfect for a timeless role.