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  1. Photo of João Jardim

    João Jardim Director, Producer, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Gustavo Hadba

    Gustavo Hadba Cinematography

  3. Photo of Dado Villa-Lobos

    Dado Villa-Lobos Music

  4. Photo of Flavio R. Tambellini

    Flavio R. Tambellini Producer

  5. Photo of Renata Baldi

    Renata Baldi Editing

  6. Photo of Joana Ventura

    Joana Ventura Editing

  7. Photo of Pedro Duran

    Pedro Duran Editing

  8. Photo of Aloysio Compasso

    Aloysio Compasso Sound

  9. Photo of Heron Alencar

    Heron Alencar Sound

  10. Photo of Waldir Xavier

    Waldir Xavier Sound

  11. Photo of Tom Paul

    Tom Paul Sound