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  1. Photo of Ventura Pons

    Ventura Pons Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Sergi Belbel

    Sergi Belbel Screenplay

  3. Photo of Anna Lizaran

    Anna Lizaran Cast

  4. Photo of Joan Pera

    Joan Pera Cast

  5. Photo of Joan Borràs

    Joan Borràs Cast

  6. Photo of Dafnis Balduz

    Dafnis Balduz Cast

  7. Photo of Aida Oset

    Aida Oset Cast

  8. Photo of Pepa López

    Pepa López Cast

  9. Photo of Roger Príncep

    Roger Príncep Cast

  10. Photo of Toni Muñoz

    Toni Muñoz Cast

  11. Photo of Benito Morales

    Benito Morales Cast

  12. Photo of Jordi Oriol

    Jordi Oriol Cast

  13. Photo of Manel Barceló

    Manel Barceló Cast

  14. Photo of Santi Pons

    Santi Pons Cast

  15. Photo of Nao Albet

    Nao Albet Cast

  16. Photo of Georgina Latre

    Georgina Latre Cast

  17. Photo of Marieta Sánchez

    Marieta Sánchez Cast

  18. Photo of Daniel Dantas

    Daniel Dantas Cast

  19. Photo of Xevi Camps

    Xevi Camps Cast

  20. Photo of Antonio Moreno

    Antonio Moreno Cast

  21. Photo of Joan Minguell

    Joan Minguell Cinematography

  22. Photo of Carles Cases

    Carles Cases Music

  23. Photo of Bel-Lo Torras

    Bel-Lo Torras Production Design

  24. Photo of Pere Abadal

    Pere Abadal Editing

  25. Photo of Natxo Ortúzar

    Natxo Ortúzar Sound