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  1. Photo of Cecil B. DeMille

    Cecil B. DeMille Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jeanie Macpherson

    Jeanie Macpherson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Agnes Ayres

    Agnes Ayres Cast

  4. Photo of Clarence Burton

    Clarence Burton Cast

  5. Photo of Theodore Roberts

    Theodore Roberts Cast

  6. Photo of Kathlyn Williams

    Kathlyn Williams Cast

  7. Photo of Forrest Stanley

    Forrest Stanley Cast

  8. Photo of Theodore Kosloff

    Theodore Kosloff Cast

  9. Photo of Shannon Day

    Shannon Day Cast

  10. Photo of Bertram Johns

    Bertram Johns Cast

  11. Photo of Julia Faye

    Julia Faye Cast

  12. Photo of William Boyd

    William Boyd Cast

  13. Photo of Winter Hall

    Winter Hall Cast

  14. Photo of Lillian Leighton

    Lillian Leighton Cast

  15. Photo of Margaret Loomis

    Margaret Loomis Cast

  16. Photo of Conrad Nagel

    Conrad Nagel Cast

  17. Photo of Ethel Wales

    Ethel Wales Cast

  18. Photo of Alvin Wyckoff

    Alvin Wyckoff Cinematography

  19. Photo of Anne Bauchens

    Anne Bauchens Editing

  20. Photo of Mitchell Leisen

    Mitchell Leisen Costume Design

  21. Photo of Natacha Rambova

    Natacha Rambova Costume Design

  22. Photo of Clare West

    Clare West Costume Design