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  1. Photo of Dome Karukoski

    Dome Karukoski Director

  2. Photo of Aleksi Bardy

    Aleksi Bardy Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Marjut Maristo

    Marjut Maristo Cast

  4. Photo of Amanda Pilke

    Amanda Pilke Cast

  5. Photo of Malla Malmivaara

    Malla Malmivaara Cast

  6. Photo of Joel Mäkinen

    Joel Mäkinen Cast

  7. Photo of Jarkko Niemi

    Jarkko Niemi Cast

  8. Photo of Olavi Uusivirta

    Olavi Uusivirta Cast

  9. Photo of Timo Tikka

    Timo Tikka Cast

  10. Photo of Jani Volanen

    Jani Volanen Cast

  11. Photo of Tuomo Hutri

    Tuomo Hutri Cinematography

  12. Photo of Adam Nordén

    Adam Nordén Music

  13. Photo of Antti Mattila

    Antti Mattila Production Design

  14. Photo of Olli Haikka

    Olli Haikka Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Harri Ylönen

    Harri Ylönen Editing