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Picture of Mouad Lemoudden

Mouad Lemoudden


Child psychology is fascinating in the way it employs fantasy and games to deny hard hitting reality and spawn happiness out of the blue; It's a futile and inconsequential past time to adults, but it's a reason for being to children. The film gets that, and closes on a sad note, perhaps advancing the notion that life is ultimately defined by loss and hardship

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A portrait of innocence facing the atrocities of war and an all too desensitized image of death 10/10

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Howard Orr


On the surface an anti-war film, but it transcends the narrow anti-war tract; it is hardly about war at all, and this is what makes it durable. Instead the children act out rituals proscribed by society, and these rituals centre not on war per se, but on death and the attendant pain of letting go.

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Similar to Grave of the Fireflies and just as powerful with a standout performance by Fossey.

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jordaan mason


this movie totally destroyed me.

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pinkwargasm, Polyglot

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It is for me the most devastating anti-war classic, and remains as my favorite movie by far. In dramatic terms, it is a fairly simple story with minimalist and direct shots, yet with a very special glow. The acting of the main characters is deeply touchinga nd truly unforgettable. The love between the two children is almost too pure and simple to be believed - unless u can remember being a child...

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Connor Burke



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michel! michel! :(

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David M.K.


That little girl carrying around her dead dog! It short circuits my emotional repression mechanism. Sad stuff, this.

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A haunting view of life during wartime as seen by children.

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Captivating and phenomenal.

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a beautifully complex view of children and the way we each place our own moral compass on what we are dealt.

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Missiz Beasley


I have never forgotten this film. It is haunting and original. I am so happy to find it here and will wait. Just recalling the last scene sends chills through me. I watch many films and this one is always on my mind (seen a decade ago now). Time to see it again!

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What a touching picture with very good acting from the children. It's such an original story portraying innocence... I loved it. Sad ending though... but it makes the movie an interesting picture.