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  1. Louisa Savignon's rating of the film Foreign Parts

    very important piece of work. a portrait and a portrait only

  2. glhrmefc's rating of the film Foreign Parts

    the challenges, routines, outbursts and uncertainty of foreigners and residents of a place that at any moment can disappear (the way they know)

  3. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Foreign Parts

    As McLuhan would say, the true effect of the car is the scrapyard. That is, the medium of the car is Willets Point, Queens.

  4. mciszczon's rating of the film Foreign Parts

    It's interesting, but didn't caught me. One thing I surely liked is that this documentary is really impartial. We don't hear any voice-over, there's not a single word of commentary on what we see and hear. It's all upon us to draw conclusions.

  5. Leco's rating of the film Foreign Parts

    Good doc! I couldn't help but think about Brazil and the everlasting gentrification of peripheral areas, places that could be developed into something better, but the easy (for whom?) way out keeps rolling: just make a deal with the "big people" who will continue to concentrate capital. We see it in Brazil. It was done for the World Cup, it's been happening for the Olympics. It's not hidden, it's just overlooked...

  6. Leandro Querido's rating of the film Foreign Parts

    El lado b de Estados Unidos. B side of US

  7. El Biffo's rating of the film Foreign Parts

    One of two films made at this fertile neighborhood in the gutter behind a major league baseball stadium, Shea Stadium in New York City. This is a documentary, the other is a drama, CHOP SHOP. The disparity between rich and poor in America is increasing dramatically, and Willets Point, where these were filmed, is a barometer at the bottom end.

  8. maarten keswiel's rating of the film Foreign Parts

    Stemmig en eerlijk beeld van een bedrijvige 'wijk' in New York. De onderkant van de samenleving peutert hier een bestaan uit de slijtage van de auto's waar de rest van de samenleving in rond rijdt. Stemmig in de zin van: confronterend om te zien hoe mensen zich rot moeten werken in de schaduw van een schijnbare luxe (auto's). Eerlijk: werk is werk, ook als dat het ondankbare hergebruik van mechanische onderdelen is.

  9. F's rating of the film Foreign Parts

    Mooi beeld van een wereldbreed fenomeen. Zou wat meer willen zien van de drijfveren van de mensen daar, van de (schaduw)economie van deze plekken. Verheug me na het zien van deze docu nog meer op de aanstaande APK bij een van de bedrijfjes op De Liede!

  10. Sonia's rating of the film Foreign Parts

    These foreign parts are nothing further than a few blocks away.

  11. David Grillo's rating of the film Foreign Parts

    Every frame of this breathes Queens which instantly makes it a winner for me. The film is great it reminds me a lot of the films of Marc Isaacs, Wiseman and a little man push cart. All high praise.

  12. msmichel's rating of the film Foreign Parts

    Locarno first feature winner marked the arrival of directors Paravel and Sniadecki as well as the Harvard Ethnography Lab which has since released strong features like 'Leviathan'. The film captures the demise of a neighbourhood; this one being a Queens junkyard right behind Citi Field marked for re-gentrification. Though guilty of some participants mugging for the camera the film does well capture its purpose.

  13. roy's rating of the film Foreign Parts

    Very well done documentary, with a great sense of cinematic space and visual research. Obviously, it's also a good film on what is hidden to most of us, and on contemporary social problems.

  14. Simon So's rating of the film Foreign Parts

  15. meg1's rating of the film Foreign Parts

    Extraordinary observation of a tiny corner of humanity, now probably bulldozed :(

  16. Matt Richards's rating of the film Foreign Parts

    Here we have a character study on a tiny little pocket in Queens about to be taken out by gentrification. What makes this one interesting is that it ditches the narrative and any kind of arguing-the-point instead just focusing on the people who struggle to scratch out an existence every day. Great work that's captivating, refreshing in it's approach and honest. 4 stars