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  1. Photo of António Ferreira

    António Ferreira Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of César Santos Silva

    César Santos Silva Screenplay

  3. Photo of Custódia Galego

    Custódia Galego Cast

  4. Photo of António Capelo

    António Capelo Cast

  5. Photo of Amélia Corôa

    Amélia Corôa Cast

  6. Photo of Fernando Taborda

    Fernando Taborda Cast

  7. Photo of Alexandre Pinto

    Alexandre Pinto Cast

  8. Photo of Cleia Almeida

    Cleia Almeida Cast

  9. Photo of Alexandra Rosa

    Alexandra Rosa Cast

  10. Photo of Jorge Piña

    Jorge Piña Cast

  11. Photo of Estrela Novais

    Estrela Novais Cast

  12. Photo of João Cabral

    João Cabral Cast

  13. Photo of Lucinda Loureiro

    Lucinda Loureiro Cast

  14. Photo of José Diogo

    José Diogo Cast

  15. Photo of Luís Pavão

    Luís Pavão Cast

  16. Photo of Margarida Lopes

    Margarida Lopes Cast

  17. Photo of Dörte Schneider

    Dörte Schneider Cast and Editing

  18. Photo of Fernando Miguel

    Fernando Miguel Cast

  19. Photo of Pedro Gameiro

    Pedro Gameiro Cast

  20. Photo of David Fonseca

    David Fonseca Cast

  21. Photo of Beatriz Pinho

    Beatriz Pinho Cast

  22. Photo of Paulo César Fajardo

    Paulo César Fajardo Cast

  23. Photo of Ricardo Martins

    Ricardo Martins Cast

  24. Photo of Jorge Pelicano

    Jorge Pelicano Cast

  25. Photo of Joel Rodrigues

    Joel Rodrigues Cast

  26. Photo of Marcus Lenz

    Marcus Lenz Cinematography

  27. Photo of Pedro Renato

    Pedro Renato Music

  28. Photo of João Figueira Nogueira

    João Figueira Nogueira Production Design

  29. Photo of Nuno Tomáz

    Nuno Tomáz Production Design

  30. Photo of Paulo Branco

    Paulo Branco Producer

  31. Photo of Branko Neskov

    Branko Neskov Sound

  32. Photo of Michelle Chan

    Michelle Chan Sound

  33. Photo of Elsa Ferreira

    Elsa Ferreira Sound