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  1. Photo of Costa Botes

    Costa Botes Screenplay, Self Director

  2. Photo of Peter Jackson

    Peter Jackson Screenplay, Director, Self Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Thomas Robins

    Thomas Robins Self

  4. Photo of Johnny Morris

    Johnny Morris Self

  5. Photo of Harvey Weinstein

    Harvey Weinstein Self

  6. Photo of Leonard Maltin

    Leonard Maltin Self

  7. Photo of Sam Neill

    Sam Neill Self

  8. Photo of Lindsay Shelton

    Lindsay Shelton Self

  9. Photo of Beatrice Ashton

    Beatrice Ashton Self

  10. Photo of Peter Corrigan

    Peter Corrigan Self

  11. Photo of Sarah McLeod

    Sarah McLeod Self

  12. Photo of Jeffrey Thomas

    Jeffrey Thomas Self

  13. Photo of Richard Shirtcliffe

    Richard Shirtcliffe Self

  14. Photo of Richard Taylor

    Richard Taylor Self

  15. Photo of Marguerite Hurst

    Marguerite Hurst Self

  16. Photo of Alun Bollinger

    Alun Bollinger Cinematography

  17. Photo of Gerry Vasbenter

    Gerry Vasbenter Cinematography

  18. Photo of Duncan Davidson

    Duncan Davidson Music

  19. Photo of David Donaldson

    David Donaldson Music

  20. Photo of Plan 9

    Plan 9 Music

  21. Photo of Steve Roche

    Steve Roche Music

  22. Photo of Janet Roddick

    Janet Roddick Music

  23. Photo of John Girdlestone

    John Girdlestone Production Design

  24. Photo of Sue Rogers

    Sue Rogers Producer

  25. Photo of Caterina De Nave

    Caterina De Nave Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Jamie Selkirk

    Jamie Selkirk Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Eric De Beus

    Eric De Beus Editing

  28. Photo of Michael Horton

    Michael Horton Editing

  29. Photo of Sam Negri

    Sam Negri Sound